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Islamabad, April 19, 2011


Syed Naveed Qamar Federal Minister for Privatisation, Water & Power will chair a meeting of Privatisation Commission Board to formulate recommendations for Cabinet Committee On Privatisation (CCOP) and review the implementation status and progress of various ongoing and upcoming transactions at Privatisation Commission Secretariat, on April 20, 2011, (Wednesday).


          The PC Board will also discuss the transaction structure of National Power Construction Corporation (NPCC), Heavy Electrical Complex (HEC), Secondary Public Offering (SPO) of Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) and Initial Public Offering (IPO) of Government Holding (Pvt) Limited (GHPL).


          The Board will also review the progress made so far for the appointment of Financial Advisory Consortia for the issuance of Oil & Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL)'s Exchangeable Bonds by monetizing up to 10 % of Government of Pakistan (GoP) shareholding (up to 430,000,000 shares) in OGDCL (Transactions).


It will be the first meeting of the recently reconstituted eight members Board of Privatisation Commission with Syed Naveed Qamar Federal Minister for Privatisation, Water & Power as its Chairman.


Most of these members represent the private sector with vast experience in various economy related sections/ business groups and also remained on PC Board from time to time.
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