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From Ali Saduki

Dearest One

This letter might come to you as a surprised since we have not had any previous correspondence. This is as a result of the helpless situation we fount our selves into. My name is Ali Saduki and my sister is Saline, we are nationality of Kuwait my Father was a business man in Ivory Coast. I am 18 years old boy and my sister is 15, years old. I got your contact during my search for a reliable capable and trustworthy person that can assist us in this darkest moment of our life.

We lost our Father, Mother, and two sisters in a car accident our driver was about to drive across the railway without knowing that the train was already at that point with speed. I am alive writhing you today, because i was fortunate to be at home with my younger sister ( Saline) the time of the accident.

We are writhing you now from our home where we stay now without parents or any one to help. Before our Father's sudden death, he kept the sum of us$10,500,000.00( Ten Million, Five Hundred Thousand Us Dollars) In cash with one of the prime banks here in Cote D'ivoire. Now that he is late and we are the only ones left behind. We are writhing you to assist us transfer this money into your account, invest it in a profitable business and relocate us to join you immediately. As a result of insecurity of life and property here, We do not want to stay here any longer.

We give almighty God the glory and thanks that our Father did not die immediately, but he died after three days of the accident. He gave me all this information while he was at the hospital, we will be very glad if you can assist us contact this bank where our Father deposited this Funds. We are ready to give you %30 of the total sum of the money for your kind assistance.

We are waiting to hear from you soon


Ali and Sister.