Video shows American troops in Afghanistan urinating on dead bodies

Video footage has shown US marines treating dead members of the Taliban militant group with utmost immorality.
Video shows US marines treating dead Taliban militants with utmost immorality.
The US Marine Corps says it is launching an investigation after a video was published on the internet appearing to show US marines urinating on dead bodies i...

U.S. Marine Corp investigating SHOCKING video--this just in from RT TV. The secret finally got out! This is THE TIP of the ICEBERG! As seen with the "kill for sport" trials of 7 soldiers at Joint Base Leiws McChord, I suspect this behavior has been kept under wraps, but has been, like police abuse here in domestic America, RAMPANT!
An eye-opening video clip that made it online Wednesday may cause a scandal on par with what erupted with the Abu Ghraib photographs of 2004. Now US Marines have been caught on film - urinating on dead Afghans.

"'Marines urinating on corpses' video appears."

Marine Corps to investigate a video showing what appears to be US forces in Afghanistan urinating on dead bodies.
Video posted anonymously on YouTube of American troops in Afghanistan urinating on dead bodies - 
US military officials believe the video showing four Marines urinating on dead bodies in Afghanistan is legitimate and promise a swift investigation.

Analysis: Is Marine desecration video a new Abu Ghraib?

Reuters - 
By Phil Stewart | WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A video appearing to show US Marines urinating on the bodies of dead Taliban fighters promises to become an enduring memory of the Afghan war and is already drawing sharp reaction from across the world as it ...

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US marines accused of war crimes

Video posted anonymously on YouTube claims to show American troops in Afghanistan urinating on dead bodies

Chris McGreal in Washington
The Guardian, 12 January 2012
US marines war crimes
US marines have been accused of war crimes after a video was posted on YouTube of soldiers urinating on dead bodies in Afghanistan. Photograph: David Goldman/AP
US forces in Afghanistan are facing fresh accusations of war crimes after film emerged which appears to show American marines urinating on dead bodies and laughing.
The US military command in Kabul, which was severely embarrassed last year by revelations that Americans soldiers were running a "kill squad" murdering Afghan civilians, said it would investigate the undated video, and that if it proved to be authentic, desecration of corpses would be regarded as a serious crime. Despoiling of the dead is illegal under the Geneva conventions as well as under US military law.
In the graphic short video, four soldiers in combat gear and carrying weapons are seen acting in unison as they urinate on three bloodied corpses. One of the soldiers sighs with relief, another says "yeah" and a third laughs. One remarks: "Have a great day, buddy". Another says: "Golden, like a shower". A fifth soldier films the incident.
The video was posted anonymously on Wednesday along with a caption that said: "scout sniper team 4 with 3rd battalion 2nd marines out of camp lejeune peeing on dead talibans". Military officials confirmed that the soldiers appear to be carrying rifles of a kind issued to sniper teams in Afghanistan. A US department of defence spokesman, Captain John Kirby, told CNN: "Regardless of the circumstances or who is in the video, this is egregious, disgusting behaviour. It's hideous. It turned my stomach."
The marine corps said in a statement: "While we have not yet verified the origin or authenticity of this video, the actions portrayed are not consistent with our core values and are not indicative of the character of the Marines in our Corps. This matter will be fully investigated."
The promise of an investigation is unlikely to quiet concern at yet another revelation of abuses by American forces. Last year, 11 soldiers were convicted over the murders of three Afghan civilians by a "kill squad" and the subsequent cover up. It was revealed that some of them collected body parts, including fingers and skull parts, as trophies, and posed for photographs over the corpses of their victims.
The US military has also yet to live down the abuse of prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, and the use of waterboarding and other torture of alleged terrorists held at Guantánamo. The US marines corps is also under scrutiny after the trial began this week of one of its soldiers, Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich, charged with the deaths of 24 Iraqis during an attack in 2005.
Wuterich was commanding a group of soldiers who burst into the victims' homes in Haditha and shot women, children and men in their nightclothes. He is accused of manslaughter. Seven other soldiers also charged were either acquitted or had the case against them dropped. A US congressman compared the killings in Haditha to the infamous My Lai massacre in Vietnam.
The Haditha killings contributed to the Iraqi government's refusal to agree to immunity for US troops after the formal withdrawal of American forces at the end of last year.
Video: US forces urinate on dead Taliban

US marines patrolling in Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan on September 5, 2011
Newly-surfaced video footage has shown US marines treating dead members of the Taliban militant group with utmost immorality.

The video, which was posted on the video-sharing website YouTube as well as other websites on Wednesday, shows four US Marine Corps in camouflage uniforms making lewd jokes, while urinating on the bodies of three Taliban militants. It was not immediately known where and when the incident took place. 

The US Marine Corps has said it would investigate the video, calling the actions of the troops caught on the video disgusting. "While we have not yet verified the origin or authenticity of this video, the actions portrayed are not consistent with our core values and are not indicative of the character of the Marines in our Corps," it said in a statement.

The desecration of the corpses has drawn the anger of the Muslims in the US. A US-based Muslim civil rights group condemned the heinous incident in a letter to US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

"Any guilty parties must be punished to the full extent allowed by the Uniform Code of Military Justice and by relevant American laws," the Council on American-Islamic Relations wrote in a letter. 



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British Kashmiris concern over dubious role of Fazal.

Birmingham 12 January 2012:  The Secretary General Abdul Majeed Nadeem Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK has said that performance of the Parliamentary Kashmir Committee headed by Moulana Fazalur Rehman remained next to nil. Commenting on endorsement of federal government decision to grant India status of Most Favoured Nation by Kashmir Committee TEK leader said that track record of Moulana Fazalur Rehman with regard to Kashmir liberation movement always remained a big question-mark as he was the one who during his visit to India floated the formula to make Line of Control a permanent border between India and Pakistan. Abdul Majeed Nadeem said that Parliamentary Kashmir Committee instead of highlighting Kashmir issue at international level has put it in the backburner. The Kashmir committee he added remained mysteriously mute when power corridors of the world were echoing with the voices of discovery of unmarked graves in Kashmir and worst violation of human rights in the valley. European Union and global human rights organizations even went to the extent of demanding to sever ties with India but to the utter surprise of Kashmiris Moulana Fazalur Rehman and his Kashmir Committee offered no words against India and its brutal acts. And now the Parliamentary committee and Moulana stood exposed before the Kashmiris by endorsing MFN status to India.

The Haqqani Memo – A story of different narratives
By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi
 ( Haider is an independent Management Consultant and a geo-political analyst who comments “infrequently” on matters of national import)

Invariably it is the “narrative” which defines what we accept and believe. It all depends on the narrative one hear and its resonance with one’s beliefs and views about the case and the protagonists.  Such is the case with the Haqqani memo, a case of 5 narratives. Mansoor Ejaz’s , Hussain Haqqani’s/PPP / Government, the Nawaz/Army/ISI combine, the USA’,  for the first time not a major n stage actor, thank goodness. Last and perhaps closer to the truth is a narrative combining elements from each.

The Mansoor Ejaz narrative.  Hussain Haqqani and Mansoor Ejaz were very close friends with their common bond being a hatred of both military rule and the trampling of democracy in Pakistan.  This bond was evident from the several joint articles written by the two together, their meetings, lunches, dinners with the icing on the cake when Hussain Haqqani arranged for a 45 minute meeting with Asif Zardari on his USA trip in 2008.  Mansoor claims that he was specifically chosen for this task because of “plausible deniability” meaning that Hussain and Co meaning Asif Zardari, the Government of Pakistan, Yousaf Raza Gilani, could easily deny such interlocution at a future date were it to become public knowledge, as it subsequently did. 
The reasoning behind such an act by Hussain Haqqani and Asif Zardari was to take advantage of the very weak and vulnerable position the army found itself on 2nd May, when OBL was taken out in Abbottabad. This was the “Golden” Civilian moment to exercise civilian supremacy over the military, exercised thrice before in the past. Once by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, in sacking General Gul Hassan and Air Marshal Rahim Khan in the aftermath of the East Pakistan debacle, the second and third times by Nawaz Sharif in first successfully sacking the then army COAS Gen Jehangir Karamat and then an unsuccessful attempt to dethrone Pervez Musharraf. The army reeling with embarrassment being caught with its pants down, together with the much flaunted and vaunted ISI, now a mere ordinary pedestrian, unable to either know where OBL was hiding or worse still, unable to hide him well enough. The time to strike was now. So Hussain the ever green Rasputin and Asif Zardari the Machiavelli par excellence, decided to sack both Kayani and Pasha. This was to create a strong supreme civilian security apparatus under Hussain Haqqani as the supremely powerful National Security Advisor. 
This set up was to be populated with some know former senior military officers. These included the former COAS Gen Jehangir Karamat, the former Pakistani Ambassador to the USA and Gen Durrani, the former National Security advisor to Musharraf and then Gilani, who was later sacked, possibly along with others known for their pro American bias, real or imagined.  But fearing a potential backlash a la Musharraf, The Haqqani / Zardari combine decided to cook up this story of a potential military takeover to ensure that the Americans, already very upset at finding OBL in Pakistan, and clearly believing that the army and ISI were behind his presence, would come down heavily on Kayani, with a clear warning not to even think of a military takeover. Once this ‘Macbethian” deed was done, the axe would fall, the civilians would reign supreme, Hussain Haqqani would ride in on a glorious charger as the National Security Czar, accoladed and adulated by the Pakistani civil society outraged at the OBL fiasco. Asif Zardari would be finally and firmly entrenched, with a friendlier COAS and ISI chief and supported by a troupe of ex –military officers to continue his merry making and loot and plunder at will. 
To make sure the Americans played ball, the Zardari / Haqqani combine promised a pliant security apparatus, the required support in the war against terror, which included American boots on ground and a more “open” nuclear inspection regime. Mansoor’s evidence; Reams and reams of text’s, Blackberry messages, reference to ‘approval by the Boss”, allegedly Asif Zardari, transcribed telephone conversations and I suspect much more which he will disclose at some future data.  Personally I think he is a megalomaniac, desperate for importance, extremely unsavory, and only true to his own ego.  Having said that, his narrative seems to be substantially correct in at least linking his drafting of the memo, at Haqqani’s behest, with the request to send it to Mike Mullen. 

The Hussain Haqqani /Government of Pakistan / Yousaf Raza Gilani (read Asif Zardari’s narrative). This is fairly short.  Hussain Haqqani has nothing to do with the Memo.  Mansoor Ejaz is a rascal and an unsavory character. Benazir didn’t trust him, he is a US citizen, and has always publicly written against the Pakistan Army and the ISI.  Hussain has no relationship with the man and may have come across him as he does many other people in his ambassadorial assignment.  In summary it’s a pack of lies.  Evidence. Nothing substantial except to let loose the pack of hunting hounds comprising the likes of Babar Awan, Rehman ‘Veena” Malik, and other die hard ‘Zardarians” to paint Mansoor Ijaz as a blackguard and an enemy of Pakistan.  My view.  My son when he was 3 years old could lie better, even with his hands and mouth smeared with chocolate, his huge lovely innocent eyes full of shining tears, much like Hussain Haqqani listing his services to Pakistan, denying that he was eating the forbidden fruit, and somehow as surprised as I was to see the chocolate all over his hands! The killer evidence against Haqqani is his recent refusal to the memo commission to waive the privacy rights on his Blackberries along with the weak excuse that he “left” his sets in the USA as he departed in a hurry! Clearly, this is perhaps the strongest piece of circumstantial evidence against him, which may not stand up in court but recalls O J Simpson, whom everyone knew was guilty even when the jury acquitted him.

The Pak Army / ISI and Nawaz Sharif and Co narrative; This is very close to Mansoor Ijaz’s narrative and all subsequent actions by Nawaz Sharif, the Army and ISI indicate as much. First,  Nawaz Sharif’s post haste run to the Supreme Court and Pasha’s meeting with Mansoor Ijaz. Second, not informing the PM or President about the meeting till Haqqani was in Pakistan, thereby ensuring that the person they believed to be quite obviously guilty was in Pakistan. All these actions, some of them clearly violative of the chain of command from the ISI chief to the PM, confirm the clear Army / ISI view that Hussain Haqqani orchestrated the whole memo as described, most likely at the behest or at least whole hearted approval of Asif Zardari. Informing either the PM or the President of the meeting would have let the star witness / culprit, Hussain Haqqani, escape. Clearly the army views the offers made, as most Pakistani’s do, highly objectionable and treasonable, despite the fact that many others have done so in the past such as Nawaz Sharif to Bill Clinton and Gen Musharraf to George Bush.  The evidence; Pasha’s own ‘in principle” findings that the evidence provided by Mansoor Ejaz was very strong, despite the distrust of Mansoor Ejaz by Pasha, the ISI and the Army.  My opinion:  Hussain Haqqani and Asif Zardari clearly orchestrated the memo. 

The USA narrative. Deathly silence except for a misfired shell from Mike Mullen, backtracked with a red face and Gen James Jones’s, very lame, after the fact, submission.  Clearly somebody knew much more in the USA camp, even before it reached Mike Mullen. 

Another silent narrative very close to the Mansoor Ejaz and Pak Army narratives with a “Hitchcockian” twist. OBL was under ISI control and the Americans came to know about it. They informed Hussain Haqqani who in turn informed Asif Zardari about the raid perhaps a few hours before, and the plan subsequently emerged to use the successful operation to oust Kayani and Pasha. Mansoor Ejaz is used as a “sting” operator to plant this idea with Hussain Haqqani and the rest then is the script as described by Mansoor.

Whether Hussain Haqqani and Asif Zardari will eventually be tried and convicted, and whether Asif Zardari’s nexus to him and the memo will ever be conclusively proved is another matter.  The general historical consensus will, in my opinion, always be that Hussain Haqqani “did it” in cahoots with Asif Zardari. Not as much for “civilian supremacy” in my opinion but to become a very powerful person, as his huge EGO demands, with all the security establishments under his firm grasp, actively supported and propped by the USA and who knows, perhaps a future President Hussain Haqqani.  For Asif Zardari, the prize was a pliant military and a friendly USA so he could have a “final go” at Pakistan before retiring to a life of luxury in the Middle East or the US, having done their Master’s bidding.

Perhaps we will never know the whole truth but only bits and pieces. Like all such dramatic incidents, this will be colored with greater folklore and conspiracies and more actors till the final version, like the Chinese whisper, bears no resemblance to what actually happened.  Such is life and history.


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UIC acquiring companies, banks: Mian Shahid

Islamabad: Jan 12

The Pakistan Credit Rating Agency (PACRA) has maintained the IFS rating of The United Insurance Company of Pakistan Limited (UIC) at "A" (Single A). The rating denotes strong capacity to meet policyholder and contract obligations. Risk factors are moderate, and the impact of any adverse business and economic factors is expected to be small.

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Media Contact: Ali Asad
Business Development Manager
United Insurance Company
Cell: 0321-2047618
Ph: 0213-581-0441/2
Add: 212 Clifton Centre,
Clifton, Karachi.

            Islamabad, the 12th January, 2012



National Highways & Motorway Police has reunited 04 lost children with their parents. As per details, Motorway Police Officers SPO Gulzar Ahmed and PO Wasim Akram were on their routine patrolling duty on national highway in the area of Jambar saw a child Muhammad Altaf s/o Muhammad Latif r/o Okara aged 07 years, who was weeping. On asking, he informed that he was going to home in a bus, but he fell to sleep in the bus and they disembarked him here. The NH&MP officers took the child in their safe custody and after hectic efforts succeeded to search his parents. Later on after due verification from the people of area, he was handed over to his uncle. In 2nd incident, NH&MP officers SPO Mudasar Ali Shah and APO Amjad Afridi were on their routine patrolling duty on national highway in the area of Khanewal, saw a child Muhammad Shoib aged 10 years r/o Lodhran, who was wandering on the road and weeping. On asking, he informed that he is studying in a Madrasa Farooqia and due to dispute with teacher he run away from  Madrasa and was going to home in a bus, but due to non payment of fare they disembarked him here. The NH&MP officers took the child into their safe custody and after hectic efforts succeeded to search his parents. Later on after due verification from the people of area, he was handed over to his elder brother Muhammad Hashim.  In 3rd incident, the Motorway Police officers SPO Riaz Ahmed and PO Abdul Hameed were on their routine patrolling duty on national highway in the area of Sundar saw a child Muhammad Yasin aged 09 years r/o Multan he was weeping on the road.  On asking, he informed that he was going to Lahore to meet with his brother and brother in law, but he lost his way. The NH&MP officers took the child into their safe custody and after hectic efforts succeeded to search his parents. Later on, after proper counseling of the child, he was handed over to his brother. In 4th incident, A driver of bus No.JA-488 of Raja coach bus service informed the NH&MP movie officer Agha Ghulam Rasool that a girl aged 10 years boarded in the bus from Sukkur bypass and going to Multan, but she don't have fare to travel. On this NH&MP movie officer informed the NH&MP patrolling officers SPO Ghulam Muhammad and PO Muhammad Anees. The NH&MP officers took the girl into their safe custody and contacted her father who came in the camp of NH&MP.  After proper counseling of the girl and her father, the girl was handed over to her father. The Motorway Police Officers handed over these children to their parents after due verification. In this regard, different methods & media were used in tracing the parents of these recovered children. However, the desperate faces of the parents of these children were filled with happiness when the Motorway Police officers reunited these children with them. They and the people of area were really thanked the officers of NH&MP on doing this sacred job.  The Inspector General, National Highways & Motorway Police Wajid Ali Khan Durrani has appreciated the performance of the officers and announced cash rewards with commendation certificates who took part in these incidents.

                                                                                                                    Public Relations Officer