A retort on the following statement of American President.

Barack Obama, at a press conference to wind up the summit, made no attempt to conceal his exasperation, issuing a pointed warning to Pakistan that it was in its wider interest to work with the US to avoid being "consumed" by extremists.


Barack Obama, better mind your own business, as your policies have already consumed the United States of America.

As for Pakistan you can't scare us of extremists.

Firstly, America is the biggest extremist this planet has ever witnessed and secondly, Pakistan has successfully survived through all intrigues of sectarianism, suicide waves, drone attacks, civil and military sanctions & other all types of conspiracies, perpetuated by your country, to destabalize us.

Pakistan has even progressed, on it's own, to the extent that it's a nuclear power today.

So keep your advice for your own country and see if, you can manage to take it out from bankruptcy.

Syed Nayyar Uddin Ahmad
Lahore - Pakistan.

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Extension in warehousing period and waiver of penal surcharge on overstayed warehoused goods
The Federal Board of Revenue has provided relief to the business community by extending the warehousing period and waiving off the penal surcharge on overstayed goods, lying un-cleared in the Customs Bonded warehouses.
This measure has been taken to facilitate the trade and industry and commercial importers who have not been able to clear their goods in time on payment of duty and taxes. A notification No.SRO 522(l)/2012 dated 21.05.2012 has been issued whereby penal surcharge on goods not cleared within the prescribed period has been fully waived off. This facility is for ex-bond clearances made during the period from 21.05.2012 to 15.06.2012.
A copy of the issued notification is enclosed.

Mohammad Shahzad
Secretary PR
Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)
+92 051 920 8407
+92 333 5201233