Dear Brigadier Latif, and Mr Agha Gul,
                           Thank you for your interest in the sad episode of the kidnapping and recovery of Mrs Nilofar Abadan, the renowned philanthropist.  
       THAT SHE WAS KEPT IN THE HEART OF QUETTA CITY FOR TEN MONTHS BY BALUCHI SPEAKING KIDNAPERS reflects the shoddy and disgraceful performance of the concerned intelligence agencies and the Balochistan Police. Nilofar Abadan and her late husband Mr Abadan were phillanthropists. He was kidnapped and killed by the same criminal gang. They had contributed millions of rupees for the health care of Baluchi women and children. Her kidnapping and demand for additional eight crores rupees as ransom proves that there is no place for people in Pakistan who want to assist destitutes and do good for Baluchistan and Pakistan, especially when they belong to the minority communities.
    India is rich because of the Bombay Parsi community. All the Indian billionaires are Parsi businessmen, who have invested heavily, and that in turn has made India rich. Here we have hounded out the patriotic, intelligent and hard working Parsi community, and the very small numbers that remain are being kidnapped and killed and live in fear. We have disgraced ourselves and our country by failing to provide them safety and security.
       As these killing and kidnappings are happening under the very nose of Chief Minister Aslam Raisani and Governor Blauchistan; appeal to them for help will fall on their deaf ears. By now Prime Minister Gilani, President Asef Ali Zardari should have taken notice of these grevious incidents and taken action to apprehend and punish the culprits. Busy as they are, they perhaps are unaware of the prevailing crriminality and gangesterism prevailing in the largest but most neglected and criminalized province. Kindly forward this appeal to them, to the powerful media and the Chief Justice Iftikar Chaudhry, to take notice.
                                                                   AYAZ AHMED KHAN
                                                             AIR MARSHAL (Retd)   

Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2011 20:45:47 +0000
Subject: [Pak-Media] An Abducted Lady in Quetta

Mrs Nilofer Abadan, widow of late Mr. Abadan, a business lady from minority community in her 60s who was kidnapped some 10 months ago was thrown on Zarghoon Road, Quetta today at 3.30 am from a running car. She was told that the ransom of 2 crores already paid some 4 months ago was not enough, she must now sell her industry and pay the kidnappers 8 crores more or her family will be killed. I have requested IG Police to try to investigate as the criminals kept her in the heart of the city and apparently it should not be difficult to trace them out.
The following is the brief of things she has reported which may be of use to some one caring to investigate, or just to avoid being abducted as it seems to be the most growing "industry" not only in Quetta but in the country as well:
1. She was going with her driver in a Suzuki car when some 10 men stopped her car, threw the driver out and then drove the car to Al Gailani Road, saying all along, they were from an Agency and she was being taken to a Major for investigation. The car was indeed, found by the Police, left at Al Gailani Road later.
2. She was kept in a house on Al Gailani Road, off Zarghoon Road possibly a km away as she could hear the railway engine's hoot. At all times there were some 20 persons milling around in the house as she could hear their voices when power outages took place.
3. Round the clock they played several radios and TVs to create noise so that her voice could not go out.
4. She was kept shackled, tied and given very little to eat, often no food on a day.
5. All the abductors met her with faces covered, gloves and socks on. They  spoke Balochi amongst themselves and were Baloch. Negotiations were done by a thin, lanky-frame, very tall man, who called himself Number 3. He often referred to his "elders" with whom he would discuss and come back to re-negotiate.
6. They searched for a CHIP on her body which they thought would be implanted on her and could divulge her location. To let her talk to her family, they would put her in a SUV and drive out of city. She was only allowed to talk while the vehicle was running.
7. They frequently beat her with sticks but not enough to do major body harm.
8. They would tell her that they had come to know that some effort was being made by Agencies, but non could touch them because the Agencies were in their pay roll and some BIG PEOPLE were taking care of them.
This is the short report that I have compiled for family/friends and those who may also refer it to some investigating agency. Clearly, given the provincial political dynamics nothing worthwhile is  however, expected.
Agha Gul

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Islamabad – 22nd December 2011*: Nokia Pakistan and UNESCO Islamabad
launched the project "Mobile Learning Project for Teacher's Professional
Development" today as formal collaboration in the presence of senior
government officials, Nokia representatives and UNESCO representatives. As
part of this program, UNESCO and Nokia are joining hands, where Nokia is
providing its mobile phones and its application "Nokia Education Delivery
(NED) for UNESCO's project on 'use of ICT for professional development of
public school teachers' in remote areas.

Since 2011 NED has turned into an open source solution to improve
livelihoods, and in order to support such mobile learning innovations to be
filled with life in Pakistan, The project will be implemented by AGAHI, a
UNESCO partner and a non-profit foundation working in the area of
communication and media policy design.

Nokia developed NED to allow using a mobile phone to access and download
videos and other educational materials from a constantly updated education
library. Operating in hundreds of schools and having reached millions of
students in the Philippines, Tanzania, Chile and Colombia, Nokia Education
Delivery has been shown to improve study results and increase retention
among students.

This collaboration is part of the agreement signed last year between UNESCO
and Nokia at international level to promote the use of mobile technologies
to further the objectives of "Education for All". As part of this
agreement Nokia is developing applications and new Mobile technologies
offering access to information and enrich learning environments at global

In Pakistan, through the project "Mobile Learning for Teachers" Nokia's
Education Delivery application will help UNESCO to enable the delivery of
high- quality educational materials to teachers who lack training and
resources though mobile phones giving an opportunity to teachers to train
themselves on the same level as professionally competent teachers.

Speaking about the project, UNESCO Director, Kozue Kai Nagata said, "In
21st century Public- private partnerships are enjoying growing attention
and support as a new and sustainable modality for development. We are
confident to collaborate with Nokia to provide us with the best platform to
train public school teachers. Nokia Education Delivery is fit to match our
need of delivering quality training to a large number of public school
teachers across Pakistan through the project named "Mobile Learning for

Speaking about the launch of NED program, Ulrike Vott Nokia Sustainability
Manager for Middle East* *said, "Nokia Education Delivery facilitates
education in a fun and interactive way. In addition to the NED software,
Nokia offers program implementation support for the benefit of Pakistan's
education landscape." The Nokia Education Delivery software system has two
modules. The first module is installed on a Nokia mobile phone and contains
a browse able catalog of educational videos. The second module is installed
on the computer of the education administrator. It manages the
organization's mobile video library, so that videos can be added, deleted
and updated. It also provides information on the usage of different videos."

Amir Jahangir, President AGAHI and a Young Global Leader of the World
Economic Forum, shared his views on the launch that "Pakistan is a
knowledge starved country, where universal education has its own
challenges. To meet the target of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) on
education, Pakistan needs to address its education challenges through
innovation and technology which can reach to a larger population with cost
effective solutions".

This unique pilot project for Pakistan has been initiated by UNESCO and
AGAHI aims at using Mobile phones as medium for training teachers, where
the teachers in remote areas will be equipped with devices, SIMs, a
software solution and high quality educational content. The course for
training and capacity building will be developed into video files and will
be transmitted step by step according to curriculum on the phones provided
to teachers. Over the course of the training period, teachers will be
tested via SMS on regular basis and as an incentive, those who will score
highest in tests will receive free mobile top ups. At the end of the
course, test scores of all teachers will be aggregated and the passing
teachers will be awarded certificate in the final workshop.


1.     Hand in glove with the establishment of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif continued his machinations against Democracy, Pakistan Peoples Party and Sindh the bastion of democratic struggle in Pakistan.

2.     Our goals included the strengthening of the Federation as a priority goal. For this purpose we tried to bring all linguistic and nationalist parties in the political mainstream. Unfortunately, Mian Sahib, while pursuing his personal gains and gains for his group is ever ready to cross all lines. Weakening of the Federation itself if it benefited him personally was not something beyond Mian Sahib. He did his level best to frustrate the efforts of the PPP to take linguistic and nationalist parties on board, and to bring them in political mainstream.

3.     In spite of its heavy majority in Sindh Assembly and being by far the largest group in the National Assembly Pakistan People's Party had thought it wise to negotiate and conclude an agreement with MQM and to take them in government, both in the province as well as the centre. Mian Nawaz Sharif together with the Establishment conspired to break this partnership in order to bring a no confidence motion against the government of Shaheed Bibi Sahiba in the center. In a most unpolitical and undignified manner MQM leadership announced their disassociation with PPP and said that an agreement between them and Mian Nawaz Sharif had been concluded one month prior to the announcement of a break up.

4.     Late Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi having left his distinguished position in the PPP, had also lost his MNA home seat in Sindh in the 1988 elections. He was accommodated in a by-election from a vacated seat in Punjab. Unfortunately, he allowed himself to be used against the government of his parent party through bringing a no-confidence motion. The prime movers of this no-confidence motion were Mian Nawaz Sharif working hand in glove with the Establishment.

5.     After the no-confidence was defeated Sindh erupted in large scale riots and killings. Large areas in Sindh and Hyderabad Were vitually taken over by terrorists who went on a killing spree on ethnic lines. When the law enforcing authorities of the province tried to move in they were stopped by Army tanks. In a well worked out conspiracy to topple Bibi Sahiba's government Ghulam Ishaque Khan using powers given to him by the cursed Article 58(2)(b) of Zia ul Haq's 8th Amendment made the law and order (which situation they had themselves created) one of the grounds to dismiss Bibi Sahiba's government.

Islamabad, the 22nd December, 2011

          National Highways & Motorway Police has foiled two attempts of dacoities on GT Road in the area of Taxila and Rahim Yar Khan by prompt action and arrested 01 Dacoit and recovered illegal arms & ammunition. As per details, NH&MP officers SPO Naeem Afzal and PO Ghazanfar were on their routine duty in the area of Taxila. The NH&MP officers saw two trucks parked at hard shoulder near Hino workshop on G.T road, and two dacoits were busy in looting the trucks on gun point.  When the dacoits saw the NH&MP officers they started firing, for which the officers also responded. In the meantime, Commando Unit of NH&MP officers SPO Kanwar Aziz and PO Muhammad Hussain also reached there, due to the commando action of NH&MP officers succeeded to arrest one dacoit named Muhammad Ayub s/o Qadir Bux r/o Islamabad with a repeater and live rounds. Whereas, the other succeeded to escape from there due to darkness and firing. During initial interrogations, he confessed so many dacoities. In the second incident, NH&MP officers SPO Muhammad Ashraf and PO Muhammad Akram were on their routine duty in the area of Rahim Yar Khan on G.T road. The NH&MP officers observed that 10 to 12 person trying to stopping the vehicles on gun point near Taranda Muhammad Panh on G.T road. When the dacoits saw the NH&MP officers they started firing, for which the officers also responded. In the meantime, Commando Unit of NH&MP officers also reached there. After exchange of fire, the dacoits successed to run away by taking the advantage of darkness of night and firing. Later on the arrested dacoit & recovered arms and ammunition were handed over to the concerned local police for further investigation.  IG, NH&MP Mr. Wajid Ali Khan Durrani appreciated the performance of these officers and announced them with cash reward and CC-I.

 Public Relations Officer
Dear Friends,

Yet again, a Chief Justice of Pakistan (Iftikhar
Chaudhry) along with a Punjabi politician (Nawaz Sharif) is playing a dangerous
game against democracy and Pakistan.
Yet again, our holy guardians in GHQ (Generals Kayani et al) are pulling the
real strings Nawaz Sharif's move to take memo issue to  the Supreme Court
is an anti-democratic demarche. This clearly shows that he has not learnt a
lesson from his past mistakes. Nawaz Sharif has revived his 1990s politics.
PML-N has a history of undemocratic attitudes during Benazir Bhutto's
democratic governments, while PML-N did nothing against the military dictator
Musharraf, no Go Musharraf Go movement was visible by them on any forum.

Supreme Court has violated the constitution and
insulted the parliament by taking up a matter which was already under review of
a parliamentary committee. Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) President Yasin
Azad is of the view that the judiciary should not be involved in the memogate
case. Commenting on memo issue, former SCBA President Asma Jahangir said that
judiciary was not an elected institution, it should avoid indulging in
controversies. Nawaz Sharif has showed his undemocratic attitude by going to
Supreme Court against an elected government, given that, there was already a
parliamentary committee set up by government to probe memo issue independently
and fairly. Parliament is supreme and sovereign institute of all.

Today, every honest Pakistani wants answer from
the Supreme Court and Chief justice of Pakistan
that why all the time PPP remains a victim of the unjust courts of Pakistan. CJ
Iftikhar chaudhry is accountable to parliament, he must submit his reply to the
parliament that why he is unable to see corruption of military officials,
bureaucrats and judges. Moreover, he is blind as a bat to the corruption of
Sharif brothers who attacked Supreme court in 1998 and are attacking parliament
right now. In fact he has given acquittal to Sharif brothers in all cases,
which were pending in supreme court for a very long time. Further, he seems to
be unconcerned about former dictator Musharraf's high treason in the light of
constitution. Missing persons' cases are still pending. Since his
reinstatement, CJ chuadhry's sole business has remained none other than to destabilize
democratic government. He is biased towards anti-state militants, his so called
justice has released so many anti-state militants, LeJ-LeT terrorists and
killers, and after release they have been working with full impunity. Hats off
to CJ Chaudhry's justice.

Mr. Iftikhar chaudhry, you were removed and
incarcerated by General Musharraf and his associate generals (including
Generals Kayani and Pasha). You were reinstated by current democratic
government and, mind it, memory of Pakistani people is not so weak, no doubt
you are an ungrateful person but after reinstatement you should have followed
the constitution of Pakistan.
But you never felt necessary to abide by the rules and regulations of the
constitution. By ignoring army generals' conspiracies and pressure tactics
against the democratic government, by ignoring the ongoing political and
financial corruption by Pakistan
army and their political proxies and affiliates, and by waging selective,
lopsided judicial campaign against an elected government, we already know whose
side are you on!



Sport driver for economic development, peace: Samina Fazil
Sport to bring Pakistan Turkey closer: Turk rally drivers
Sport a cost-efficient tool to create a better world

Islamabad: Dec 22
Founder President, Islamabad Women's Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IWCCI) Samina Fazil on Thursday said sport and economic development and closely linked.

Pakistan should utilise sport as a tool to reach personal, community, national, regional and international development objectives, she said.

Speaking to women entrepreneur at a meeting organised to honour the visiting world's renowned Turk rally drivers Burcu Cetinkaya, Cicek Guney, and Nahir Yilmaz, she said that sport-based initiatives can help address many challenges.

Sport, a great an economic development driver, has become part of humanitarian and development work, and corporate social responsibility practices, Samina Fazil said.

Lauding the Turkish cooperation, she said that sport can help two countries understand each other better. Sports promote tolerance and it is a cost-efficient tool to create a better world, she added.

Underlining the need to boost sports within SAARC and with other countries, she said that it will build bridges to improve the quality of lives of people.

Government should encourage sport as a means to accomplish health, education, development and peace objectives, she demanded.

Briefing participants about doing business in Turkey has achieved phenomenal growth; only 24 per cent of the women are employed but they enjoy all the rights.

Ratio of women executives in the Turkish finance industry is higher than in Germany, Italy, or France, she informed.

At the occasion, female drivers said that they have come to boost ties between Turkey and Pakistan, which is their second home. "We would participate in rallies in Pakistan and help those who want to develop skills in this sport," they said.

Regional Director Pak Turk Businessman Association Mehmet Necmettin Durmus said that Cetinkaya has won the Turkish ladies rally championship three times with female co-driver Guney. They are the first, and currently only, all female team participating in the Intercontinental Rally Championships.

Director Pak Turk Turgut Puyani, Head of Business development, FWBL Ms Parvin M. Khan were also present on the occasion.

Samina Fazil,

Founder President,
Islamabad Women's Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Mobile: 0323-5343199
Land-line: 051-2252256