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Excerpts from my manifesto :


Taxation : Born free, taxed to death. The system of Direct Taxation shall be abolished for all those who earn below Rupees Fifty Million a year including the Salaried people in order to attract a massive inflow of Local as well as Foreign Investment to trigger Industrial Boom for a resultant Economic Boom with much higher GDP with resultant abundant Employment Opportunities and with freedom from cumbersome documentation and paper work for the less educated. Indirect Taxation / GST etc shall be fixed at a maximum of 5%. However Taxes on Imports shall continue to be applicable.


Services : Most Governmental Services shall be Outsourced and / or Franchised with Government vs Public Partnership on Self Sustainable pattern to lessen the burden on the Government as well as on the masses limiting such burden only on those who shall use such specific services and not all the rest of population with resultant improved, efficient and modernized services availability, with both Men and Women, Human Resource Entrepreneurial Development, Deployment and Skills Enhancement.


Energy, Banking, Education, Medicine, Insurance, Communication, Transport and related areas shall be publicly owned with individual's shares holding not to exceed 5 % allowing active participation of professionals in the field and accelerating good performance.


Looted Money : All Black and Not Documented Money including the Looted Money shall be legalized without any penalty or taxation and with no questioning asked for bringing back into the Country for Investment in commerce and industry relating to basic needs such as Water, Power, Food, Education, Housing and Health sectors lest we end up losing all that to Foreign Banks and Countries. UNO shall be mobilized to exert due pressure on tax haven and safe haven countries in order to secure and ensure return of all that wealth of the Nation.

Corruption :  Corruption is the core issue. Incompetence is the outcome causing all the lawlessness, chaos and economic sufferings. A kick back of a Billion Dollars means a loss of a Trillion Dollars in the form of National Interests compromised and a Ten Trillions Dollars in terms of long term Impact Death Penalty shall be legislated for all future Financial Corruption and Nepotism. No action shall be taken against those who will voluntarily return the ill-gotten money.

All publicly / Government owned Entities and Utility companies shall be re-structured financially and organizationally with Business re-engineering to turn those into self-supporting entities with public-private partnerships schemes.


Foreign Debt :  Support shall be mobilized for Writing off of all the Foreign Debt and an end to Debt servicing to alleviate the sufferings of the masses with a restrain on fresh Government Borrowing. If USA with all the resources cannot pay their debt, why Pakistani Nation is compelled to settle illegitimate and reckless disbursements to looters and plunderers without due diligence by lending agencies for their own ulterior motives and vested interests. 

Oil Prices :  Through an OIC Resolution the Oil Prices shall be fixed for the next 5 years at a maximum of US Dollar 25 per Barrel with supply to each OIC Country to match its population factor vs. its needs in order to buy peace and eradicate poverty in these down trodden Countries. To reciprocate, "Economic Advantages" shall be offered in and by Importing Countries to the Exporting Countries in Exports -Imports and Investments. The oil producing Countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Iran , Kuwait , Libya and UAE ,will endure a little short fall of not that needed revenue but over 1.5 Billion oppressed people of the World will gain and flourish economically and socially. More over Sovereign Funds of the Gulf Countries are better secured when invested in OIC Countries in Industry and Commerce relating to basic needs of Water, Food, Housing, Education and Health Projects in JV arrangements with renowned and credible local Business Groups. 

Mergers : Legislation shall be introduced for Mergers and Amalgamations for cost effective Cultivation, Farming, Processing, Production, Distribution, Marketing, Exports, Bulk Buying, Procurement, Logistics, Services and Management. 

Prices :  Consequently Prices of all essential items of Food, Medicine, Fuel, Utilities and many other Goods and Services shall be reduced to, more or less, Half of current levels. 

Armed Forces : Armed Forces, including those on pension / retired, in return for a better remuneration and reward, shall be utilized for Construction of Dams, Roads, Rail-roads, Housing, Hospitals, Universities, Colleges, Schools, Sports Complexes, Industrial Estates and other Civil Infrastructures.

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FBR concentrates on Withholding taxes–action envisaged against d
Posted by: "Secretary PR (FBR)"
Date: Wed May 2, 2012 7:16 am ((PDT))

*Press Release*

*FBR concentrates on Withholding taxes–action envisaged against defaulting
Withholding agents*

* *

The FBR has decided to re-inforce its resources on monitoring of
Withholding Taxes. The Tax Reform Coordination Groups was also apprised of
the campaign being launched for this purpose during its meeting held in FBR
on 1st May, 2012.

The Income Tax and Sales Tax laws provide the prescribed persons to
withhold the tax at the time of payments on account of salary, contracts,
interest, dividend, services rendered, payment to non-residents,
commission, telephone bills/cards, utility bills and property rent etc. The
tax deducted is to be deposited in the State Bank of Pakistan/National Bank
of Pakistan. A large number of such prescribed persons/withholding agents
do not fully comply with the provisions relating to withholding taxes
leading to delay in deposit of tax deducted and non-filing of statements
through electronic mode on the web portal of FBR.

Since the Withholding tax constitutes a major source of revenue, the FBR
has geared up its efforts during last 2 months of current financial year.
Strict monitoring of defaulters would entail punitive action against those
withholding agents who failed to meet their obligations. The Chief
Commissioners have also been advised to be vigilant in enforcement of
Withholding taxes regime and initiate timely action against the defaulting
withholding agents. Actions liable to be taken include imposition of
penalty for non deduction, delay in depositing the deducted tax and non
filing of monthly statements.

A Special campaign has been launched by the FATE Wing of FBR to educate the
Withholding agents through print and electronic media. FBR is working in
cooperation with of the Federal and Provincial Governments, Attached
Departments, Companies, AOPs, Foreign Missions and those Others to detect
defaulters to take legal action and prosecution in cases of default.

(*Riffat Shaheen Qazi*)

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