Dear All,

It is indeed very unfortunate that a young journalist has committed suicide due to salary issue. I do agree to some of the observations made by Mr. Aslam Butt but some of his comments are questionable. I would not comment on the papers named in the message and linked to exploitation because it amounts to exceeding mandate. But, I must clarify that exploitation is not part of the policy of Pakistan Observer, the oldest daily from the Capital city. As far as the death of Mujtaba Akhtar is concerned, it must be put on the record that no such person has ever served in the Pakistan Observer, a fact which can be verified from those serving in this paper since long. Salaries are given in time in Observer while to non-payment of salaries is an accusation which holds no water. Some papers may be giving commission to get business but Pakistan Observer is one of the most reputed papers where underhand deals are strictly prohibited.

I will request journalist fraternity to verify facts before releasing them on social media for the sake of their own reputation.


Najmul Islam

News Editor

Pakistan Observer

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I'm not just bombs, poverty feudalism, inflation & corruption.

I'm Edhi's philanthropy.

I'm Arfa Karim's brilliance.

I'm Afridi's exuberance.

I'm Jehangir & Jehansher Khan's 2 world records which
is yet to be broken.

I'm Nusrat fateh's vocal chords.

I'm fastest growing IT industry.

I'm in four weathers.

I've 2nd highest mountain.

I've 8 of 14 highest peaks.

I'm 7th nuclear power.

I'm 4th nation to build cruise missiles.

I broke Soviet Union.

I m ever-expanding middle class.

I have fought dictatorships for decades.

I m 40,000 deaths for global peace.

I m hospitality.

I m epitome of resilience.

I'm one of the few bravest nations of the world.

Yes , I m Pakistan
Please spread optimism instead of negativity about me.

Sincerly urs
Pakistan !

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 World Humanitarian Day 2012 

Dear Media colleagues,

Please find attached:
  1. Press Release regarding United Nations Secretary-General's Message on World Humanitarian Day 2012.
  2. Press Release and Information material on the WHD 2012 campaign.
  3. WHD Op-Ed by Valerie Amos, UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator
      Visit for further information on WHD 2012 Campaign.
List of scheduled WHD activities in Pakistan:    
  • Screening of the WHD 2012 music video at Cinepax, Rawapindi (19 and 20 August 2012)
  • Public showing of WHD 2012 video on wide screens in F9 Park and F10 sector in Islamabad( all day on 19 August 2012)
  • WHD 2012 video to be aired on National Television - CNBC Pakistan
  • WHD Beyonce song to be played on local radio channels on 19 August 2012
  • OCHA Pakistan best humanitarian images - photo slideshow 
  • Exhibition of the Flood 2011 photos at Serena Hotel Islamabad
  • WHD 2012 media links and information products on and humanitarian partners websites