Dear all
 I read an article written by Col Tariq ex DHA employee in one of the newspaper regarding looting of innocent people by DHA and Bahria Town . I think every word writen in article was very true but there are many more scandles which are running in collaboration withDHA and BAHRIA TOWN .

I want to highlight an other case , In year 2008 DHA wanted to merge AGOSH 2 housing scheme, which is located right on GT road infront of DHA phase 2  in DHA and got all papers from AGOSH 2administration and affidavit from file holders for completion of taking over formalities . it has been learnt that Brig retd Javed Iqbal then administrator DHA and Col But then Director projects were the main figure in this case who probably got huge benefits, laterBAHRIA TOWN jumped in and wanted to get this alnd and grabbed certain AGOSH 2 land this was done with the connivance of DHA authorities  . All 3300 file holders  kept going from one person to other but mafia did not paid any attention to them . Now after almost 4 years, in the pressure of  Bahria Town, DHA which has become an OFF SHOOT of BAHRIA TOWN informed AGOSH 2 authrities to get their files back without merger. Since AGOSH 2 mafia also took lots of benefits from DHA . DHA  is literally hollow
from inside, no one owns it including army apparently. DHA is fully controlled by Mlik Riaz credit goes to him and discredit to ARMY .There is no doubt in this. The only sufferers are clients,  file holders who invested there bread and butter in this for bright future are clueless   .I request Col Tariq to please highlight this issue in details, even he may not have stake in it. The only voice which was raised on this issue was from VALUE TV . This scandle is worth billions as amount of 0ne complete file/plot  is approximately 4 m being prime site.

 Can any one Highlight this issue and provide relief to thousands of peoples ?
Abdul HAQ lahore

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