Please provide
factual responses{NOT Emotive, to the Questions raised below by several
People from Pakistan, as we understand.
*We hereby summarize their Questions,* as related with Ms Asma Jehangir{
Ex-Attorney for Mr Haqqani in MemoGate Case at Supreme-Court....Ms Jehangir
OR American-Ahmadis-Org{copied under DMshahid...} *must
please reply publically with YES/NO please:*
* *
1) Is she an Ahmadi/Qadiani, follower of Mr Mirza, a citizen of
UK...??...Mr Mirza{& his father/grand-father/great-grandfather, have all
claimed that they are Almighty God's Messengers/Prophets...??......As
Confirmed from OIC{Org of islamic Countries, that OIC Rejects Claim by Mr
Mirza's Family...
2) Why has she always taken public position, against Huge Majority of
Muslims{Two-Billion world-wide, & Against PAK-Military{approx a million
Muslims of Islamic Republic of Pakistan...??
3) Why has she Never taken any public position on behalf of Millions of
Muslims in Hindus-Occupied Kashmir, while thousands & thousands of MUSLIM
Girls have been Raped by Hindus-Military & while thousands & thousands of
Muslim boys have been Butchered/Murdered by Terrorist-Hindus inside
Hindus-Occupied Kashmir, for more than Fifty years...?
4) Why does she hates the Independence of Supreme Court of Pakistan, & why,
as an Attorney she is in-CONTEMPT of the Court{under USA & PAK Laws...
5) Why has she Never taken any public position, For the Democratic & Human
Rights for Millions of Muslims under Occupation of Jews in
israel....??...why has she Never taken any public position, While Jews
inside israel, have for Fifty years Terrorized/Tortured/Murdered Thousands
& Thousands of Muslims inside Jews-Occupied-Falasteen....??...
6) Why has she Never taken any public position, when for Decades inside
Kosovo{Caucuses of Europe, Chechniya/Dagestan/etc...Thousands & thousands
of Muslim Girls were & are Raped by Christians there, & when Thousands &
thousands of Muslims young Men & Boys were & are Butchered/Murdered by
Christians there....??
7) Why has she not taken any public position, when inside Our American-Govt
Occupied-IRAQ, thousands & thousands of Muslims were & are being
Slaughtered/Bombed/Butchered/Murdered/Terrorized by the Orders{direct or
in-direct} of our American Presidents/VP{ Mr Bush, Mr Cheney, Mr Obama, Mr
Beiden.....??........We/UMMAABroadcasting also Charge our Presidents/VP for
getting our/American thousands of young men/women killed in Iraq, & Charge
our P/VP, for our/American thousands & thousands of young folks
Handicapped from Our Iraq-Occupation....
We will sincerely appreciate you all to respond please, & ask these
summarized questions from Ms Asma Jehangir.

Regards, *UMMAA Broadcasting...


Your all "HOT AIR" you couldn't see the signs of world war III and Hear the Bels of War because you as Most of the world (Americans) are Deaf & Blind. We on the other hand are prepared for War and know that it could start anytime. Jews own USA & Europe . Israel is the Godfather and USA & Erupe its "Illegitimate Children" The Free masons the Right Arm of the Jews. Everyone and his Mother know that 9/11 was planned and implemented by The Jews and US Government so that They could take over Middle East and Create Chaos. Unknowningly in doing so Creating More hate against Israel and the JEWS. You people are getting your asses kicked in Afghanistan thats why the retreat/running away by 2014-2015 is planned as the Real losses have not been disclosed .

The War Vets who return from Iraq & Afghanistan are "Psycho Wrecks"  and we have seen the supermarket killings plus School Killings in USA have risen due to this. The Hordes of Poor and Unemployed in America have turned to crime and even the Rich are threatened. The Jews (The RICH)  will eventually Leave USA For safer havens i.e. Europe .. I have said that USA will disintigrate by 2019-2020 it seems the clocks are against this and speeded up. USA has NO RESERVES and is on the verge of default thats why the Government Keeps Raising the Debt Ceiling. The 2 Traditional Enemies of USA,  Russia and China have proved that at least CHINA has overtanke America as # 1 Super Power. They have Twice Shot Down American Satellites  and Once their U.S. Navy EP-3E surveillance aircraft as well as the Stealth  F-117 downed by China in 1999, Now China's New Jetfighter is superior than American Stealths and its Airforce better than the Americans.
The Internal Strife in USA is taking its toll and this will lead to disintegration (The Americans Own undoing). Its Not "HATE" From me I Pity the Americans. They do not see Tsumani thats coming.
Their Bloated heads "STILL" think the Economy is in Great Shape and recovering and They are Super Power # 1 . While everything around them is falling apart thanks mainly due to Their Own practices and policies. The Gays and Lesbians show the Moral degradation and sick mental state they Really are. The Aethiests have Proven that USA religion wise has also fallen apart. BUT There is a GOD out there and You can plan all you want we have our ALLAH who has always kept the promises to those who have turned to Him.

Thats why The Thirteenth Lost tribe of the JEWS (THE PATHANS - who are Muslim and have Accepted ISLAM) will annahilate the Rest of the Twelve tribes  The Elders and Wise in the Jewish Community Know this to be True thats why They do not talk about it nor will clarify it (It has been Written in the Torah & Injeel)  those Holy Books have been tampered with like the Holy Bible also.

The Problem is You People Do not TRUST GOD..... Simple...

Bye Bye USA .. 
 Business community in the financial capital has alleged that the ruling PPP has resorted to extortions from companies in the name of fund raising for rehabilitation in floods-hit areas in Sindh.
According to sources in the community, their members were receiving threatening calls from high officials of police and the PPP ministers, both the federal and provincial.
"They are forcing us to buy at least 25 and preferably 50 of the fund raising cards worth Rs 50,000 each," a member of community said on condition of anonymity.
According to the sources, the ruling party has already identified some 300 potential companies that it believes must contribute at least Rs 375 million in total in terms of buying 25 cards each.
The card holders would be invited to a grand dinner at Bilawal House on January 6, Friday which is to be hosted by Co-chairman of the ruling party President Asif Ali Zardari, the sources said.
Earlier, a business community member said, "This was yet another wrath we are confronted with as we were already fed up with the paying monthly extortions to ethno-political party. Now the PPP ministers or police officials on their behalf are telling us after all we have to stay in Sindh or Karachi," he added.

On behalf of his community, he alleged that the Sindh government has already embezzled a sizeable amount collected and also received from abroad of the flood assistance. "Relief and reconstruction work done by the Sindh government is also in front of all Pakistanis, courtesy the media," he added.

Mentioning about the economic slowdown, crippling energy crisis, and deteriorating law and order situation across the country, the businessman said, environment in the country was left hardly conducive to the business and investment.

Presidential spokesperson Farhatullah Babar and party's Information Secretary Qamar Zaman Kaira were not available for comments.

The Spokesperson of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation expresses his deep concern over reports of a clash between local villagers and police resulting in numerous casualties and the destruction of a Mosque in Taoshan village near the town of Hexi, Tongxin County in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Re...

Thirty-five UNICEF-Constructed Schools Inaugurated in Flood-Affected Districts of Southern Punjab
Islamabad, January 4, 2012 – The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and partners today welcomed the opening of 35 new schools in Muzaffargah, Rajanpur and Rahimyar Khan in Southern Punjab, three districts hit by the 2010 monsoon floods. These schools have been constructed by the children's agency at locations where schools were damaged or completely destroyed by the floods that devastated Pakistan from July to September 2010.

More than 4,500 children are now attending these schools which have been handed over to the Punjab Education Department.     

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands has contributed US$1.2 million for the construction of 24 schools and the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has contributed an additional US$250,000 for the construction of seven schools. Funds for four schools have been provided by the governments of Italy, Hungary and Sweden. 

The Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, H.E. Hugo G. Scheltema, inaugurated 24 schools constructed with Dutch funding at a ceremony held recently, in the Peer Dargai Shah Government Primary School in Muzaffargarh district.  

Speaking on the occasion, the Mr. Scheltema said, "There is no doubt that education is the key to progress for any nation. I feel delighted to see these beautiful schools that UNICEF has built to help the children in the flood-affected districts of Punjab. Increased enrollment after floods and the keenness of parents to send their children to school makes it very clear that there is need for more schools and more teachers. I am sure that UNICEF will manage to build more schools and the Punjab Education Department will provide more teachers to ensure that every child is educated." 

After the devastating floods of 2010, UNICEF initiated a schools reconstruction proragmme in the worst affected districts of southern Punjab – as well as other parts of the country – since most of the government school buildings were either damaged or completely destroyed. In order to bring children back to school and to prevent the loss of a full academic year, Temporary Learning Centres were established by UNICEF in camps and communities. With time, prefabricated school structures with all amenities have replaced these temporary learning centres. These new schools signify a new method of teaching and learning – the Child Friendly Schooling approach. 

"The Child Friendly Schooling approach is interactive and makes learning fun for children. It has elements of health and hygiene through provision of safe drinking water and improved sanitation, Early Childhood and Development for preparing young children for school, playground and equipment for healthy physical activities, psychosocial support for rehabilitation of trauma-affected children, involvement of parents and community, and many other unique features that makes education attractive," said Karen Allen, UNICEF Deputy Representative.

"Dutch funding has helped us achieve the objective of providing quality education to children who had suffered due to floods. This is an investment that not only fulfills their basic rights, but also contributes to the future of Pakistan. I urge all parents, teachers and community members to take ownership of these schools and ensure that every child of school going age is in school, especially girls", she added. 

UNICEF is on the ground in over 150 countries and territories to help children survive and thrive, from early childhood through adolescence. In Pakistan, it works with the government, NGOs and other partners to support child health and nutrition, good water and sanitation, quality basic education for all boys and girls, and the protection of children from violence, exploitation, and AIDS. It has provided vital relief and reconstruction support to help individuals rebuild their lives after emergencies, such as the 2010 monsoon floods and the October 2005 earthquake. UNICEF is funded entirely by the voluntary contributions of individuals, businesses, foundations and governments.

For further information, please contact:
A. Sami Malik, Communication Specialist, UNICEF Pakistan, +92-300-855-6654,

Image Caption: His Excellency the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Mr. Hugo Gajus Scheltema, inaugurating one of the 35 newly constructed UNICEF schools in Peer Dargai Shah, Muzaffargarh district, Punjab Province, Pakistan. The Deputy Representative UNICEF, Ms. Karen Allen is also seen in the picture.


By Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

January 03, 2012 "Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan" -- It is a unambiguous reality that the Islamic movement of Taliban arose to establish an Islamic system in Afghanistan, uproot injustice, eradicate narcotics and the local writ of gunmen, strengthen security and to form national unity and with the help of Allah and with the backing and sacrifices of the nation, it was able to eradicate corruption and establish an Islamic government in the various provinces and the capital in a very short period of time. It almost completely eliminated the years of strife and fragmentation in the whole country and was able to bring ninety five percent of the country under the control of the central government. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has always tried to solve the problems with the opposition through talks.

The ongoing issue in the country which came about ten years ago has been between two fundamental elements: on the one side is Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and on the other is the United States of America and its foreign allies.

The stance of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan from the beginning has been to bring about the end of the invasion of Afghanistan and to let the Afghans establish an Islamic government of their own choosing which does not pose danger to anyone. Through realization and understanding, Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has time and again made clear its stance to other nations and has persistently said that the allied nations under the leadership of America will never be able to subdue the Afghans by force in order to realize its aims. We are at the moment, besides our powerful presence inside the country ready to establish a political office outside the country to come to an understanding with other nations and in this series, we have reached an initial agreement with Qatar and other related sides. Islamic Emirate has also asked for the release of its prisoners from the Guantanamo prison in exchange basis.

Apart from this, the perturbing reports spread by some news agencies and western officials about negotiations have no reality and are strongly rejected by Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan