Ladies & Gents: Salam-alae-kum
PLEASE immediately watch below Link/NEWS/U-tube from Kansas-City/USA.
ASSAULT & possible KIDNAP of a MUSLIM GIRL{ AISHA KHAN, 19 yrs old student at University of Kansas/Overland-Park...
Before her possible kidnap from University, she called her sister & left a terrified message at her sister's cell, saying that she was being assaulted by a man & asking to PLEASE HELP her urgently....The University has NOT taken any Real INTEREST in this Case of Assault/Kidnap of their American MUSLIM Student...??

Her Cell-Ph & bag & personal belongings were found near her place of disappearance at the University of Kansas. This happened at approx 12 NOON, on Friday{ December 16}, obviously in Broad-daylight during University-Classes.
BUT, the FBI or the POLICE of State of KANSAS, has done practically NOTHING till now, to FIND Aisha Khan...??


Tariq Khattak,

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Commerce, Pakistan Observer,
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Afghan people must have a realization that NATO and U.S have no love with them. In fact, their own strategic objectives compel them to remain stuck to Afghanistan and Pakistan for promoting a regional instability by promoting terrorism and internally destabilizing both countries as an excuse to cont
President Abdullah Gul telephones President Asif Ali Zardari

President Abdullah Gul telephoned Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari on Monday afternoon. Spokesperson to President Zardari Mr. Farhatullah Babar said that President Gul inquired about the health of President Zardari and conveyed well wishes of the government and people of Turkey. President Zardari thanked his Turkish counterpart for his gesture.

Islamabad: December 19, 2011

Abdul Akbar
Press Attache
Embassy of Pakistan
37 Iran Cadessi.GOP, Ankara, Turkey
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SWABI, Dec 18: Speakers in a dialogue programme here Sunday said that
the illiterate nature of the mine workers has resulted in their
failure to know their job  related risks like  pollution, disabilities
and deaths) while the owners/contractors tactfully exploited the
feeble monitoring policies and weak mechanism to put them on track.

In the last 10-day it was the third dialogue programme on mine
workers,  organized by Citizen Rights and sustainable Development
(CRSD) with collaboration of Actionaid Pakistan. The main objective of
the organizer s was that to educate the minors about their rights,
enabling them to work for their rights in a peaceful way. They said at
the same they also want to strengthen the monitoring system of the
government and working for a formula under which the registration of
the workers become possible.

In the district a number of people have been working in mines and they
did not know that what would be their rights if they face a fateful
incident.  The workers who turned disabled alleged that their
treatment was not conducted by the contractors and after their
disability they were left high and dry, leading to becoming burden
over their weak families.

The main speakers were:  CRSD director, Zar Ali Afridi, Shafeeq Ur
Rehman Coordinator, social workers; Muhammad Ashfaq, Liaqat Yousafzai,
Muhammad Rafiq of Pakistan Workers Confederation, Waqas Ahmad, Mines
Inspector. Community Development Organization chairman, Sher Rehman,
Mines Worker Union leader Sher Bacha, Miner workers, Umat Shah, Sher
Jang and handicapped Mianjee, Saeedul Abrar, Syed Nabi Shah Asghar.

They said that the contractors and owners of the mines did not adopt
proper safety measures to safeguard the poor workers who live in the
areas which lack basic facilities of living. They said due to lack of
safety, low paid wages, no proper payment for overtime and working
hours, none provision of social security and old age pension, no,
death compensation and none existing of the workers welfare fund had
already pushed them into the shadows of poverty.

They unanimously demanded that all those who died during work must be
given death grants by the owners. They said the children of the
handicapped workers should receive free proper education, enabling
their families to earn their livelihood with dignity and honour.
However, they expressed unhappiness over none availability of these

 They said those workers who got the nominal assistances and so far
the labour laws are concerned that were neither enforced nor monitored
by the government agencies who just made tale claimed, backing the
affluent mine contractors and owners.

Speaking on the occasion the mines inspector said that owing to some
problems in the area they can not register the mines workers because
most the leaseholders have contacted with third party. He admitted
that contractors are reluctant to register them with the mine
department and that led to the prevailing situation because without
registration how can it possible for the workers to get benefits under
the relevant laws.

 However, he said that the government devised plans to bring the mine
workers of the district at par with other labours of the country.

Muhammad Idrees Kamal


Dear Media Colleagues,

Please find attached :
  • Press Release regarding "The Secretary-General Message on International Human Solidarity Day, 20 Dec 2011".
  • Press Release from UN Women regarding " UN Women's Statement on the 'Impact of Crisis on Women and Girls in FATA' Report".
  • Press Release from United Nations Population Fund ( UNFPA) regarding "GBV Event".

Your usual cooperation for their coverage and placement would be appreciated.


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"Dr. Rizwan Ali Nadvi - An Educational Sitting and Diclosures".
Daily Aaj, Peshawar (December 19, 2011 Monday)
Mr. Fasihuddin (PSP) elaborated a meeting with a well known researcher, critic, historian and author of many books Dr. Rizwan Ali Nadvi who has an excellent career in the academic and journalistic circles. In this column, Mr. Fasihuddin (PSP) had discussion with this legendary scholar and researcher who disclosed many educational and litrary secrets. The cloumn is worth reading, published in Daily Aaj, Peshawar, today on Monday. The column may found on the following online link
Warm Regards.

Shafi Ullah,
Pakistan Society of Criminology,
03, Ashiq Abad, New Warsak Colony,
Warsak Road, Peshawar, Pakistan.
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Dear All,
We really appreciate your efforts and request all superiors to works in the best interest of national integrity.
Mansoor Ijaz seems an agent and implementer of international consperacy theory to disintegrate our national unity. His interaction with Pak Higher Ups  from all walks of life needs to be assesd by experts to find out who the hell is he....

Civil society terms memogate scandal an attempt to thwart democracy; Says threatening the representative system tantamount to attack on sovereignty of people.

Karachi, 17 December 2011:

We, the representatives of the Civil Society including non governmental organisations, labour organisations, academia, women's rights bodies, and media persons express deep concern over the current political situation in the country where a crisis is being manufactured on frivolous grounds, and is being referred as the so-called Memogate. This has the potential of subverting democratically elected Parliament and the Constitution.

It is time all conspirators against democracy and the sovereignty of the people be called to account. Sovereignty belongs to the people who have agreed to exercise it through their representatives in a federal, parliamentary, and a democratic system. Any attempt at arbitrarily altering this arrangement is tantamount to an attack on the sovereignty of the people. Various institutions of the state are supposed to function within their defined constitutional parameters and complement each other but they seem to be working at cross-purposes, to the determent of public interest.

We emphasise that the role of political parties and political leaders is to represent their constituents' interests and arrive at negotiated agreements to differences in agreed political forums.

The role of state's security organizations is to serve the people through stipulated constitutional arrangements, under the command of the executive, and not to define what is or is not in the national interest.

The role of the judiciary is to protect the rights of the citizens from arbitrary abuse of executive power, and not to itself become a source of arbitrary executive power.

The role of the mass media is to help citizens hold powerful interests groups within and outside the state to promote their legitimate interests and hold violators of rights accountable, and not to itself act as an unaccountable interest group.

In our opinion, parliament is the appropriate forum to discuss and investigate this issue and come up with findings.

We believe that any attack on the sovereignty of the people will be unjust. It will necessarily lead to conflict and must be resisted.

We appeal to the people of Pakistan to stand united and firm in support of democracy and to resist all attempts aimed at its subversion. The people of Pakistan have made great many sacrifices for the cause of democracy and they should not let any vested interests trample their right to have a democratic and an elected representative system run the country.


1. Karamat Ali, Executive Director, Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research,

2. B. M Kutty, Secretary, Pakistan Peace Coalition ,

3. Dr. Kaisar Bengali, Senior Economist,

4. Dr Haroon Ahmed, President Pakistan Mental Health Association

5. Haris Gazdar, Independent Economist

6. Dr. Aly Ercelan, Senior Development Economist

7. Tasneem Ahmed Siddiqui, Chairman, Saiban, Former Chief Secretary Sindh,

8. Farooq Tariq, Spokes Persons Labour Party Pakistan,

9. Arif Hassan, Architect, Urban Planner,

10. Dr. Badar Siddiqui, Ex-President, Pakistan Medical Association,

11. Prof. Arfana Mallah, President Sindh University Teachers Association,

12. Nazim F Haji, industrialist, Former Chief Citizens Police Liaison Committee,

13. Dr. Jaffar Ahmed, Irtiqa Institute of Social Science,

14. Mohammd Tahseen, Executive Director, South Asia Partnership Pakistan,

15. Mohammad Ali Shah, Chairperson Pakistan Fisher folk Forum (PFF)

16. Dr. Abid Qayoum Suleri, Executive Director Sustainable Development Policy Institute

17. Naseer Memon, Chief Executive, Strengthening Participatory Organization, SPO,

18. Jami Chandio, Executive Director, Centre for Peace and Civil Society,

19. Samina Khan, Executive Director Sungi Development Foundation

20. Mehnaz Rehman, Regional Director Aurat Foundation,

21. Zulfiqar Halepoto, Sindh Democratic Forum,

22. Abrar Qazi, Awami President Awami Jamhori Party,

23. Zulfiqar Shah, Institute for Social Movements Pakistan,

24. Jaffar Memon, We Journalists,

25. Ishaq Mangrio, Independent Journalist,

26. Ghulam Fatima, Executive Member BLLF,

27. Punhal Saryo, President Sindh Hari Porhiat Council,

28. Arshad Mehmood, Executive Director Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child

29. Qamar Hayat, Executive Director Sahara Development Foundation,

30. Sheema Kermani, Tahreek –e- Niswan,

31. Harris Khalique, Development Consultant,

32. Sheen Farukh, Inter Press Communications,

33. Lateef Mughal, General Secretary, Peoples Workers Union KESC

34. Aziz Abbasi, President Watan Dost mazdoor federeration