UN-HABITAT launches tree plantation campaign in flood-affected communities from January 15th to February 29th.

UN-HABITAT launches a tree plantation campaign in the communities affected by the floods of 2010 and 2011. The campaign intends to extend to 400 villages with 200,000 trees. As part of the reconstruction and rehabilitation process, trees are being cut from nearby forests of affected areas without any plans of reforestation. Cutting of trees contributes to increased soil erosion, drought, water logging and occurrence of erratic rains. This also results in a decrease in carbon sink through significant increase in carbon dioxide levels and other associated gases.

Families in the affected areas, besides using timber for the shelter construction, use fodder and wood as fuel, which results in deforestation. This acts as a catalyst towards global warming and has a negative impact on the environment, the local economy, flood resilience and sustenance of the extremely poor. To mitigate such negative impacts and its associated consequences, it is imperative to mobilize affected communities to plant trees at places such as the kitchen gardens, schools, mosques, or communal land. The current success rate of tree plantation is very low as individuals are not involved in plantation. UN-HABITAT has thus seized the opportunity to launch a massive tree plantation campaign with participation from communities reaching out to as many as 30,000 families across the country.

Trees are being planted at villages with the involvement of beneficiary households with aims to compensate for or improve the greenery in villages, to reduce environmental degradation, to reduce the affects of the harsh summers, to provide improved local access to fruit, fuel and fodder and to raise awareness among the affected communities while promoting the trend of tree plantation. The forest department will be providing technical assistance to the communities for appropriate selection of trees, plantation and caring. The campaign will last for 45 days but the results will be reaped for years to come.

For further information contact:

Ghazala Siddiqui

Torsum Khan
Communications and Public Information Officer
UN-HABITAT, Pakistan


3000 students participating in competition

Islamabad: Jan 27
Inter Schools Maths Olympiad will be held tomorrow (Jan 29) in the four campuses of PAKTURK International Schools and Colleges located in Islamabad.
Over three thousand students from different government and private schools have so far been registered to participate in the academic contest which also provides an excellent social and intellectual opportunity.
The Inter Schools Maths Olympiads (ISMOs) are being conducted to identify and nurture the talent of pre-collegiate Pakistani students in the field of mathematics at regional, national and international levels.
Additionally, such events encourage students to value intellectual pursuits besides promoting high-scoring students to participate in the International Mathematics Olympiads and bring a good name to the country.
PAKTURK has also been arranging training sessions for the teachers of different schools so that they can equip their students to compete.
Parents who have a wide influence on how children view the world are also encouraged to take enhanced interest in such positive activities.
We aim to shape the view of Pakistani students to think on global scale while being dedicated to their traditions and values.
They should be well acquainted with the competitive environment and capable to cope with the on-going and forthcoming local as well as global challenges.
The ISMO Team plan to hold competitions on the national level that will bring a change in the attitude of students towards mathematics and help them refine and reinforce team skills.
The carefully designed contests can be enjoyable and valuable experiences in mathematics for many students who will experience improved level of confidence.
It has been observed that Pakistani students have always performed beyond expectations whenever a healthy competitive environment was provided to them. 

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