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From: Nusrat Javeed <nusrat.javeed@gmail.com>
Date: July 24, 2012 15:22:55 GMT+05:00
To: aminpfuj@gmail.com, kujamin@gmail.com, mushtaq minhas <mushtaqminhas@gmail.com>, M Ziauddin <m_ziauddin@hotmail.com>, "muhammad.ziauddin" <muhammad.ziauddin@tribune.com.pk>
Subject: answers for the 4-member special committee, established by the PFUJ to probe into allegations (of corruption) leveled against my person

Muhammad Amin Yousuf
Secretary General PFUJ & Chairman Special Committee.

Dear Mr Yousuf,

Let me state at the outset that I did not feel too good with the tone
and tenor of your letter that preferred presuming that through various
media outlets, both mainstream and social, I have been projected as if
belonging to a dirty group of journalists who are found habitually
involved in financial "scams/blames/charges." Since it has pained my
colleagues and comrades, inconsolably, a 4-member committee of the
Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists had been established to probe
into these allegations and you were made the Chairman of it.

While issuing a visibly strong-worded 'show cause notice' to me, you
have invoked Article XXII and Rule 3 of the PFUJ's constitution. Doing
this, you simply ignored a fundamental principle of justice which
clearly suggests that allegations only attain some worth if
appropriately put before an appropriate forum. My inclusion in a list
of media persons allegedly getting money from Bharia Town owner was
generated through social media. No one owned it, but in my specific
case it was widely spread by Dr Awab Alwi, the son of a PTI leader in
Karachi and his supporters who are found diligently engaged in
spreading the revolutionary message of Imran Khan. Through my writings
and talk show, I have been consistently challenging the 'revolutionary
credentials' of this group. Yet, none of them ever dared to approach
an appropriate forum, including the PFUJ, with any evidence of corrupt
practices by me. All of them rather continuously 'disown' issuing the
said list. Yet, you and the PFUJ considered the same list worth
probing. While putting questions to me on the basis of it, please also
make some effort to locate those who are spreading stories to malign
your colleagues like me.

I am not a novice to journalism. Since 1975, I did nothing but
full-time journalism and most of my community members should have been
knowing all about me. I feel hurt when instead of relying on your
empirical and anecdotal exposure to my person and living style, my
comrades and colleagues have asked me to defend myself against a set
of allegations, which no one is willing to own before any court or any
other appropriate forum. I rather anticipated and perhaps deserved
fierce defense from my comrades and colleagues instead of getting a
visibly strong-worded 'show cause notice' from you.

After putting my discomfort on the record let me know tell you clearly
that my Name is Nusrat Javeed and my father's name is Noor-ul-Din. My
CNIC number is 61101-1204184-7. Currently I am working as Director Aaj
TV and do a daily show called Bolta Pakistan. It goes live from 10 to
11 pm from Monday to Thursday. My salary, whenever it comes after
frequent delays, goes straight to a bank account that is with the
Civic Branch of the MCB. Its number is: 0098554681001960. The tax on
my salary is deducted at the source. Whenever someone desire, I can
submit the detailed transactions in this account to prove as to what
remains the sole monetary input to this account.

For a while I had also worked for Dunya for some months from April
2010 to December 2010. To get my salary from that network, I needed to
open another account with Bank Alfalah. Its number is:
CD-0035-010-20832. It also had no monetary input except the salary the
tax to which had again been deduced at the source. These days, I put
checks, if and when they come; again after deduction of tax at source,
to this account that I get from Express group for writing columns.

I have no account, both within and outside Pakistan, except these two accounts.

During the second government of Ms Bhutto, after thorough probe by all
the intelligence agencies, a list of Islamabad-based journalists was
furnished. Since they were found living on rent for years, they were
to be allotted modest apartments in a complex at G-8. I agreed to get
my name included in this list after much pleading by friends and
well-wishers from my community. But eventually the government was
packed and the whole project was abandoned. Twice, I was warned to pay
outstanding dues to an unfinished apartment in an abandoned complex to
retain its possession. Via forensic analysis of my late
mother-in-law's account, you can find out that she not me had paid
those dues from her savings with the idea of providing a roof to her
only daughter. My wife completed construction of the said flat with
her own savings and income. Since no one is willing to live in that
flat on sufficient rent, I am now in the process of selling it off.

With the money that I may get for selling the said flat, I plan to at
least start construction on a plot of land that I got along with
1200-plus colleagues of mine in media town of Loi Bher.

Many years ago, I had distributed my share in my inherited property in
Lahore to my one brother and five sisters. Except the above-mentioned
properties, I have no immovable assets anywhere, both within and
outside Pakistan.

Currently, I live in House 22, Street 20, F-8/2, Islamabad. This is a
house that my father-in-law had constructed; he retired as a grade 22
officer. His pension from the UN and some money inherited by his wife
helped construction of this house. My wife and her two brothers are
now the owners of it. But both my brothers in law are in no haste to
dispose the said house; primarily considering the fact that their only
sister is married to a so-called "star anchor and celebrity
journalist," who you have now found among the company of media persons
with reputation of being corrupt. In the same context, my wife also
owns a 10-canal piece of land in Shah Allah Ditta, a water deficient
village beyond Golra Sharif in Islamabad.

You are fully authorized to pass on the information that I have
provided to you to any court of law or investigating and intelligence
agency to double-check. You and any of the concerned agency/court can
always charge me for making false statements, if any of the
above-mentioned detailed proved faulty or misleading.

In the meantime, please try to establish a welfare fund as well that I
can approach to meet everyday expenses of my living in those months,
when I do not get any penny from any of the organizations that I work
and write for. After forcing me to expose my real financial worth,
please also work hard to locate persons who have been spreading
stories to malign your comrades and colleagues like me.

(PS): The information I have provided to you, I am also making
available to some of my friends and visitors of my websites. It will
help all those persons, who have any evidence to prove that details
that I have provided in this communication were misleading. But please
anyone claiming otherwise should also be asked to charge me with his
name and other required details to earn the credentials of a
legitimate complainant.

Thanks and Regards

Nusrat Javeed
Aaj TV,

Recent Activity:
Tariq Khattak.
0300-9599007 and 0333-9599007

Will the conscience of the international community awaken at the brutal
ethnic cleansing of the Muslim minority population in Burma or Myanmar? The
Buddhist monks and the newly inducted democratic government seem to be
poised against a small-sized Muslim population and have embarked upon
unleashing a reign of tyranny and specter of terror on them in for about a
year now.

Following the Myanmar's President Thein Sein's call in early June this
year that the Rohingya Muslims must be expelled from the country and
sent to refugee camps run by the United Nations, 11 innocent Muslims were
killed by the Burmese Army and the Buddhist mobs after disembarking them
from a bus.

Retaliating to the protests by the Burmese Muslims for this gruesome
slaughter, the army and the Buddhists killed 50 more Muslims. In thesectarian violence
between Rohingya Muslims and Buddhists, in Burma's western State,thousands of Muslims' homes have been burnt.An estimated 90,000 Muslims have been uprooted.

The Muslim population in Burma is estimated to be 4 per cent of the entire
population of around 60 million. It comes to roughly 2.4 million. These
Muslims have been living in Burma for ages. They look like Burmese in
features and speak the same language. Briefly they are native Burmese
except that they profess a different faith in a country whose predominant
population believes in Buddhism The state sponsored carnage of the tiny
Muslim minority, is hurling up a colossal humanitarian disaster.

While Buddhists preach peace, tolerance and compassion, in the case of
Muslims there seems to be an unholy alliance between the tyrannical Burmese
army and the Buddhists monks for massacring the defenseless and helpless
Muslims. It is suspected that the Burma's large and much feared military
intelligence service, the 'Directorate of Defense Security Intelligence'
may have agents planted within the monk-hood.

Sadly, there is no let up in terrorizing and killing the hapless Muslim
community by the hostile Burmese police and government. Those Muslims, who
were pushed or fled on their own towards the neighboring Bangladesh, were
refused entry. They were returned by the BD authorities back to Burma. The
international humanitarian organizations such as UNHCR and the Islamic
countries have not even mutely protested or taken up this most
heart-wrenching human crisis at any forum.

One is reminded of the East Timor ethnic crisis when the Indonesian
Islamic regime was accused of maltreating and suppressing the Christian
population there. The entire Christian world with Australia in the lead,
under the aegis of the United Nations truncated Indonesia. On May 20,
2002, East Timor separated from Indonesia and became an independent
Christian state.

Likewise the western countries and particularly the United States
pressurized and isolated president Omar al-Bashir of the Republic of
Sudan (North Sudan) to such an extent that he finally gave in and agreed to
the cessation of South Sudan as an independent country. South Sudan
became an independent state on 9 July 2011. The population of Christians
in the south is 80 percent while that of Muslim is 18 per cent.
Understandably the division of Sudan was maneuvered to create a separate
independent state for the Christians so as to live in peace and to save
them from the civil war.

In former Yugoslavia, the NATO saved Muslim population from a brutal spree
of ethnic cleansing by the Serbian army and that was one of the most marked
human relief and rescue by the Christian west for the sake of the oppressed

The Bosnian Serb army committed atrocious and most heinous genocide
against the Muslims and Bosnian Croats in 1995. Besides, a bloody campaign
of ethnic cleansing of Muslims was also carried out throughout the areas
controlled by the Bosnian Serb Army during the 1992–1995 Bosnian War. The
United Nations and NATO"s role (April 1933-December 1995) in ending
genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Bosnians Muslims by the Serbian
military is a golden chapter of history. Otherwise the Muslims would have
been reduced to a tiny minority in their own territories.

Hopefully among the comity of nations, two countries can play a vital and
decisive role in rescuing besieged and distressed Muslims of Burma. One is
Saudi Arabia that can exert her influence and persuade other Muslim
countries to approach the United Nations for an urgent action on the
miserable plight of the Burmese Muslims and the grave existential threat to
them. Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and other Muslim states can also approach
the Burmese regime urging it to stop the persecution and intimidation of
the Burmese Muslims that are entitled to equal rights as citizens including
that of religious freedom under the constitution.

Secondly, it is China that is in the strongest position to exert her clout
to ask the Burmese leaders to desist from their bestiality against the
Muslim population. If the Burmese incumbent government continues its brutal
extermination of Muslims, then it would lose its good image as a democratic
regime established after long spell of military dictatorship. Its
decision to release the most prominent Burmese<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burma
opposition <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opposition_(politics)
politician, chairperson <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chairperson of
the National League for Democracy<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_League_for_Democracy
(NLD) and human rights activist San Suu Kyi after her incarceration for
21 years, was also lauded internationally.

In 2005, the Burmese Ministry of Religious Affairs issued a declaration
concerning freedom of religion for all religious communities. The stated
official policy of the government of Burma is that "all ethnic, religious,
and language groups in Burma are equal". The Burmese Supreme Court observed
in a verdict that "in various parts of Burma, there are people who, because
of the origin and the isolated way of life, are totally unlike the Burmese
in appearance or speak of events which had occurred outside the limits of
their habitation. They are nevertheless statutory citizens under the Union
(of Burma) Citizenship Act"

In case of Burmese Muslims' nightmare, the NATO's role is not at all
needed. This grave humanitarian calamity is in need of diplomatic efforts
to prevail upon the Burmese government to stop aggression against a
community living there for ages and is essentially Burmese.

Nor for Burmese Muslims, it is a question of a separate independent land
for them. It is essentially to guarantee their survival, security and
equality within the Republic of the Union of Myanmar against the burgeoning
ethnic and religious challenges to them.


Tariq Khattak.
0300-9599007 and 0333-9599007
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