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Mansha Yad was undoubtedly the gentleman of Urdu Literature.He was my friend and a great
contemporary.His sudden death is my personal loss.May God rest his soul in peace.As far as I know, he did not belong to Ahmadiya Community,as indicated by Dr Abrar Ahmed

Muhammad Mansha Yad

Muhammad Mansha Yad was born in 1937 in Thattha Nushtar, a village close to Farooqabad, earlier known as Sachha Soda. He did his matriculation from Hafizabad and got a diploma in engineering from Rasul College. He passed examinations of Fazil-e-Urdu in 1964, Bachelors in 1965, Masters in Urdu in 1967 and Master in Punjabi in 1972 from University of the Punjab.

He was married in Lahore to his cousin Farhat Nasim Akhtar in 1960. He has one daughter and three sons. His eldest son Farrukh Jamil is Vice Principal at Army Public School & College Rawalpindi and daughter Noma Shabnam is also teaching in a Model College for Girls in Islamabad. His son Dr. Amer Shakil is a Professor of Medicine at The University of Texas, Dallas, USA. The youngest sonKashif Naveed is Assistant Manager in a National Newspaper/ TV Channel in Islamabad.

Mansha Yaad joined the Pakistan Government Service in 1958 in PWD rehabilitation in Rawalpindi and Murree for about two years (1958–1960) as a Sub Engineer and by 1960 started working with the Federal Capital Commission which was later converted into Capital Development Authority (CDA), Islamabad as an Sub Engineer. He served as Asstt. Engineer ,Executive Engineer, Public Relations Officer & Chief Complaints officer over time and retired as an Depputy Director in 1997.

After his retirement he lived in Islamabad at his residence known as "Afsana Manzil" ( Urdu: منزل افسانہ ) ( Tanslated: "Fiction Destination") and is actively invested his time towards literature and getting involved in literary gathering as well as writing on encouragement of topics such as magnificence in life and significance of justice for printed and electronic media. Mr Mansha Yaad died from a heart attack on October 15, 2011 in Islamabad.

The death of this genious is a big loss for Urdu literature and Ahmadiya Muslim Community.

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