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The Voice of Youth, an online student community, has utilized Social Media to convey a positive image of Pakistan to the world, apart from the one that we get to hear daily in our news headlines. A female student of National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) established The Voice of Youth (tVoY) on June 26, 2010. The aim was to cultivate relations with students belonging to different strata of life. But behind this obvious reason, there lay a deeper reason – that is, to create a forum where the youth of Pakistan could mingle and enrich one other by their perceptions and views.

tVoY, under the leadership of Momal Mushtaq, has always come up with unique and creative ideas to fascinate its users. On June 10, 2011 tVoY initiated a group ecard through Groupcard.com. The birthday card received response from youngsters and adults alike from all over the country with over a hundred pages filled with wishes! Today, tVoY proudly celebrates its first birthday online with its thousands of Facebook fans and a hundred plus representatives from forty different institutes of Pakistan.

tVoY is a living example of a young Pakistani woman who utilized Social Media to establish her presence. In matter on one year, tVoY has grown out to be one of the largest student blogs of Pakistan. tVoY has worked to bridge the gap between its own population, particularly the youth, by uniting it under a single platform and to work for one collective progression. With Ali Suleman serving as Head Publications, tVoY has transformed into an interactive and vibrant student community from a simple blog. The Voice of Youth has utilized technology to achieve financial sustainability by offering its services to student organized events as a social media partner.

The future holds more such opportunities for women to come forward in the field of New Media, to lead and to innovate.


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