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Dear Folks
Imran Khan's Jalsa of today was an impressive gathering of people. I love our masses because they always pin hopes in those who talk for change. But situation (changing day by day) suggests that TI's future will not be different from other parties. Those who used to sit shoulder to shoulder to Imran Khan were today stood up at a distance and all turn-coats and LOTAS were sitting in the front row.
He talked about problems and criticized Zardari and Gillani but no body dared to speak against MQM's politics.
Shah Mehmood Qureshi has proved himself a high level rigid, conservative and extremist soul, who is desperate to reach to power at any cost. His personal grievances with Zardari for not giving him Foreign Ministry reached to a level where he is prompting highly poisoned arguments on nuclear issue, promoting anti-India sentiment and anti-progressive values.
I am so surprised to listen to his speech. I wonder, a person can go to that extent. He was talking like Osama and Mula Omer to attack USA and India. Just for power how people can exploit sentiment of youth. he is more dangerous then TALIBAN for me and my kids. I want progressive and secular leadership for my future and Pakistan with liberal identity.

I am really surprised that how so-called progressive people are talking poison against neighbor states, instigating people to fight against 'KAFIR INDIA'. They are talking about character, credibility and commitment in the presence of Jahangir Tareen and Khursheed Kasuri. Atleast i feel ashamed and why do they think that people are fool.



NATO supply cut hurting Pakistan's economy
Oil tankers stranded at borders are live bombs
Ports, border points becoming storage and parking areas
Congestion hurting trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan

Islamabad: [Dec 25]
The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) on Sunday demanded steps to avoid losses to the economy after suspension of the NATO supplies.

Government should continue to cut vital supply line but chalk out a plan to keep economy clear of any negative impact, said Dr. Murtaza Mughal, President of the PEW.

Talking to leading transporters including VP, ICCI Shahid Zaman Shinwari, he said that the Nov 26 decision to cut NATO supplies has resulted in clogging at seaports.

Dr. Murtaza Mughal said that piled up supplies are impeding commercial activities which is resulting in losses to all the stakeholders.

Seaports and border stations are transit points which should not be allowed to become choked storage or parking area, he said.

Shahid Zaman Shinwari said that containers and takers have also created congestion at Torkham and Chaman which is hurting trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The situation has also created shortage of commercial vehicles pushing up Karachi-Peshawar per trailer shipping cost by around Rs 30,000, he said adding that hike in cost and delays has a negative impact on overall fragile business environment.

Demanding immediate removal of containers, Shinwari said that Afghan-bound Nate's huge logistics chain mainly consist of fuel which can be called as living bombs.

Others present on the occasion included Ch. Azad, Mushtaq Afridi, Pervez Shinwari, Haji Syed Kand, Ismail Shinwari and others. They lauded the decision to slap embargo on NATO goods in the wake of aggression.

They informed that majority of transporters ferrying supplies have cancelled their deals with Karachi based companies facilitating NATO after Mohmand Agency aggression.

They supported the moves to boycott Bonn conference, rejection of American findings and compensation offer terming it insufficient grounds for restoring supply lines.

Transporters also rejected US claim of poor coordination behind deadly strike and condemned her stubborn attitude. Russia should also slash NATO supplies to Afghanistan, they said.