Dear All, 
  Workers of Pakistan have called off their strike and protest in  Karachi against non-payment of Salaries since months 
  when KUJ leaders Aamir Latif and Faheem
Siddiqui talked to Arif Nizami, who promised that his organisation  would pay one month salary to staff next week and also clear their  arrears after a month.
Workers said that for the last three months the top management of  Pakistan Today was repeatedly making false promises of paying salaries  to staff. Neither the PT owners are paying arrears of those who were  terminated in Dec 2011 (about 80 staffers) and not giving due to those  who have left the newspaper in disappointing after non-payment of  salaries for three months.
Pakistan Today's Nizamis are showing least interest in paying salaries  to staff and just treating the workerss/journalists as beggars.
  In March 2012 I applied for three months leave and I was allowed leave  from 15 March that too without pay, although I joined Pakistan Today  in March 2010 and did not utilise my earned leave.
  This is the way how this group of Nizamis is exploiting the workers.  Most of the senior journalists who supported Arif Nizami in Sept 2009,  when he was thrown on footpath by Nawa-i-Waqt group, have also been  shown the door. A couple of them opted for save-exit amid extreme  disappointment/mismanagement and series of fake promises. 
  Since Jan  2012, I am also waiting for the payment of my salary. I would say that  this group of Nizamis has ruined the credibility/name of Nizamis in  the journalism.

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