Inter Schools Maths Olympiad on Jan 29
Contest to bring talent to forefront, provide opportunities
Competition to help change attitude towards mathematics
Pakistani students winning international competitions

Islamabad: Jan 17
PAKTURK International Schools and Colleges will hold an Inter Schools Maths Olympiad on Jan 29 in Islamabad.
All the students of government and private schools from Rawalpindi and Islamabad can take part in the 7th Inter Schools Maths Olympiad (ISMO) 2012.
The competition has been arranged to provide opportunity to the students of primary and middle classes, to exhibit their talent and get recognition as well as the awards.
The main objective behind conducting this competition is to prepare Pakistani students to participate in the International Mathematics Olympiad irrespective of their school.
The competition is to provide a chance for students of class 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th to prove their potential and get prizes ranging from Rs 1000 to 30,000. The prize money motivates students besides helping deserving students to prepare to take part in the International Olympiads.
PAKTURK students have been participating in various International Olympiads in different categories and securing positions. 
Pakistani students are a source of pride and fame that in a competitive environment bring out talent like Usama Mehmood of O'level who got first position worldwide in the Additional Mathematics, Cambridge Examination and Muhammad Umer who got the gold medal in International Physics Olympiad held in Bangkok, to mention few.
The ISMO Team plan to hold such events on national level which will also help realising goal to bring a change in the attitude of students towards mathematics.
Students can get more information on
Fax- 051-2298672


سی این جی کے معاملہ پر قوم کو گمراہ کرنے کا سلسلہ بند کیا جائے
توانائی کی وزارت نااہلی کا اعتراف، بین الاقوامی تیل مافیا کے مفادات کی نگہبانی بند کرے
15فیصد گیس کس سیاستدان کے بجلی گھروں کومل رہی ہے، کھاد کے کارخانہ میں کس کی شراکت

ایل این جی کی درامد کے منصوبہ کا کیا بنا، کمپنیاں کیوں دیوالیہ ، ذمہ دار عوام کیوں
پنجاب 5فیصد گیس پیدا 47 فیصد استعمال کرتا ہے تو گناہ نہیں،منافع اور ٹیکس مرکزی حکومت لیتی ہے
صوبائیت کا پرچار ،الزامات کی سیاست،ذاتی مفادات کے حصول سے بڑھ کر عملی اقدات کئے جائیں

اسلام آباد( جنوری 17) پاکستان اکانومی واچ کے صدر ڈاکٹر مرتضیٰ مغل نے کہا ہے کہ سی این جی کے معاملہ پر ملک و قوم کو گمراہ کرنے کا سلسلہ بند کیا جائے۔اس وقت سی این جی کی کھپت پیداوار کے آٹھ فیصد سے زیادہ نہیں۔سی این جی بند کرنے سے سارا فائدہ ایک ٹولے کو ہوگا جبکہ کوئی اور ایندھن کی درامد سے ملک کا بھاری زرمبادلہ ضائع ہو گا۔اصل معاملہ اربوں روپے کے مزیدگھپلوں کا ہے جس کے لئے راہ ہموار کی جا رہی ہے۔ملک اور گیس سسٹم پر سی این جی نہیں بلکہ کرپٹ سیاستدان بوجھ ہیں پیٹرولیم اور قدرتی وسائل کی وزارت اپنی نا اہلی کا اعتراف کرے اور بین الاقوامی تیل مافیا کے مزموم مفادات کی نگہبانی بند کرے۔ ر ڈاکٹر مرتضیٰ مغل نے مطالبہ کیا کہ عوام کو بتایا جائے کہ روزانہ چھ سوملین کیوبک فٹ گیس جو پیداوارکا پندرہ فیصد ہے کس سیاستدان کے دو بجلی گھروں کو بلا تعطل فراہم کی جا رہی ہے جو سی این جی کی کل کھپت سے دگنی ہے۔دیگربجلی گھروں کو گیس کی فراہمی میں میرٹ کی دھجیاں کس کے حکم پر بکھیری جا رہی ہیں۔پاکستان کے سب سے جدید فرٹیلائیزر پلانٹ میں کس کی شراکت ہے اس شعبہ کے باقی ماندہ یونٹوں کوکون منظم انداز میں تباہ کر رہاہے۔ڈاکٹر مرتضیٰ مغل نے کہا کہ گیس کم تھی تو کھاد کا کارخانے بنانے کی اجازت ہی کیوں دی گئی۔ ایل این جی کی درامد کے منصوبہ کا کیا ہوا اور اس سلسلہ میں کام کرنے والی کمپنیاں کیوں اور کیسے دیوالیہ ہو گئیں۔ان کمپنیوں کے مالکان سے کس کی دوستی تھی اور تمام بوجھ عوام پر کیسے منتقل کیا گیا۔ توانائی کے شعبہ کے ارباب اختیار با اثرتیل کمپنیوں کے اشاروں پر ناچ رہے ہیں اور انھیں کمزور گیس سیکٹر کی خدا واسطے کا بیر ہے۔ ڈاکٹر مغل نے کہا کہ پنجاب اگرپانچ فیصد گیس پیدا اور سینتالیس فیصد استعمال کرتا ہے تو اسکا کوئی قصور نہیں۔گیس کی آمدنی اور ٹیکس بھی مرکزی حکومت کو ہی ملتے ہیں۔ پنجاب سارے پاکستان کو گندم، چاول، سبزیاں اور پھل کھلاتا ہے اور اسکی کپاس ملک کی سب سے زیادہ زرمبادلہ کمانے والی صنعت ٹیکسٹائل کو خام مال فراہم کرتی ہے جس سے سارے ملک کو فائدہ ہوتا ہے مگر اسکا زکر نہیں کیا جاتا۔ مرکزی حکومت ہر معاملہ میں صوبائیت کو ہوا دینے کی خبرناک پالیسی ترک کرے اور عوام کو جمہوریت کی مزید سزا نہ دی جائے۔الزامات کی سیاست، اقرباء پروری، زاتی مفادات کے حصول ،باتوں اور دعووں سے آگے بڑھ کر عملی اقدات کئے جائیں۔


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FAO-EU project to promote climate-smart farming
Malawi, Vietnam and Zambia will benefit from collaborative effort

16 January 2012, Rome - FAO and the European Commission announced today a new €5.3 million project aimed at helping Malawi, Vietnam and Zambia transition to a "climate-smart" approach to agriculture.

Agriculture — and the communities who depend on it for their livelihoods and food security — are highly vulnerable to climate change impacts. At the same time agriculture, as a significant producer of greenhouse gases, contributes to global warming.

"Climate-smart agriculture" is an approach that seeks to position the agricultural sector as a solution to these major challenges.

It involves making changes in farming systems that achieve multiple goals: improving their contribution to the fight against hunger and poverty; rendering them more resilient to climate change; reducing emissions; and increasing agriculture's potential to capture and sequester atmospheric carbon.

"We need to start putting climate-smart agriculture into practice, working closely with farmers and their communities," said FAO Assistant Director-General for the Economic and Social Development Department, Hafez Ghanem. "But there are no one-size-fits-all solutions — better climate-smart farming practices need to respond to different local conditions, to geography, weather and the natural resource base," he added.

"This project will look closely at three countries and identify challenges and opportunities for climate-smart agriculture and produce strategic plans tailored to each country's own reality," Ghanem said. "While not all solutions identified will be universally applicable, we can learn a lot about how countries could take similar steps and begin shifting to this approach to agriculture."

Tailor-made solutions

The EU is providing €3.3 million  to support the effort; FAO's contribution is €2 million.

Working closely with agriculture and other ministries in each of the partner countries, and collaborating with local and international organizations, the three-year project will:
·         Identify country-specific opportunities for expansion of existing climate-smart practices or implementation of new ones
·         Study the constraints that need to be overcome to promote wider adoption of climate-smart agriculture, including investment costs
·         Promote integration of national climate change and agricultural strategies to support the implementation of climate-smart agriculture
·         Identify innovative mechanisms for linking climate finance with climate-smart agriculture investments
·         Build capacity for planning and implementing climate-smart projects capable of attracting international investments

FAO will take the overall lead on the project, working in partnership with national policy and research institutions, as well as global organizations such as the Global Crop Diversity Trust.

By tackling the urgent need to incorporate climate change concerns into agricultural development planning, this new project represents a concrete step forward, said Ghanem. "The problems of climate change are increasingly being felt on the ground, and thus early actions to address the problem are needed, even as international negotiations continue in the search for a global climate agreement," he said.



Is it necessary for all tha social work done in Pakistan to be given a special headline in newspaper or broadcasted in every news bulletin ???

and If I am not wrong, Many politicians and elites of Pakistan, move abroad just for routine medical  check up, but our pride of Pakistan Late Arfa Karim was admitted in hospital on 22 Dec 2011 and on 14th Jan 2012 she breath her last, it means she stayed in critical condition for 23 days in hospital ... Pakistani Leaders/politicians/elites/all nation become so dumb that no one bother to visit her ( few politicians did formality including CM) or TAKE ACTION to take Arfa  somewhere away from Pakistan for better medical treatment.... !

Now, after 1 day of Arfa Karim death, " THE NEWS"  published a news of Prime Minister of Pakistan's daughter Fizza Batool Gillani that (story)  she visited Arfa Karim and requested her father for Air Ambulance before leaving for Umarah  etc etc .... she was in contact with doctors from Saudi Arabia and was shocked to know about Arfa's death.

now my question is DO such characters of society have real heart and really feel pain of others or just for being into news , fame, greedy for power, they pressurize newspapers to publish such news after the game is over so that it could be used when required ????

my other question is .... was DUBAI so away that AIR AMBULANCE could not be arranged in few hours ????

last question is WHEN BILL GATES OFFERED HIS MONEY TO BEAR EXPENDITURES OF ARFA TREATMENT, THEN Ms GILANI (on recommedation of her beloved father PM OF PAKISTAN) remembered or realized to visit that girl and made a request to her father for air ambulance etc etc .... before that no one have this thought or no one had money ????

btw who is bearing Ms Gillani Umarah expenditures ..... >>>> PM of Poor Nation having all natural resources but no leadership, no sincerity, no patriotism  ????

HYPOCRISY is crossing  its limits in Pakistan and all such people ..... my dears you guys are enough for yourself. No matter if you are not at harm in this worldly life, we ll see where you people ll be standing on judgement day .... as ALLAH is best judge and I hope human right leader (half expired teenager aunty (s) ) ll perform well there  to save all of you or ultimately that personality could bycot that judgement court too and directly enjoy in HELL for supporting corrupt people !!!

I am still not getting its real pain for Nation or just a right political move ( to keep a safe side for any future blame) and on the other hand gaining more publicity , more fame for fitting coming generation somewhere in through such drama move and then UMARAH ....
Dear Media colleagues,

Your assistance in the coverage of below given press release is requested

Photo of the event is attached.

With Regards

Muhammad Zubair,
JICA Pakistan Office,
4th Floor Serena Business complex,
Khayaban e Suharwardy, G-5/1, Islamabad.
Ph: 051-9244500~07

(Press Release)
JICA sends vocational educators for training in Japan

Islamabad, January 16, 2012: Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) dispatched a group of 12 members for “Vocational Training Education Course” to Japan. For this 18 days course, a sendoff ceremony was organized today in a local hotel at Islamabad.  

Mr. Takatoshi Nishikata, the Chief Representative of JICA while speaking to the participants said “Needless to say, vocational education is a big and worthy challenge for Pakistan. Therefore, we think it would be quite beneficial for the government officers in this area to learn from the Japanese system, since it would provide a platform for you-the learners to establish yourselves in your own fields”. About the importance of training the youth, Mr. Nishikata added “Training the youth of Pakistan will provide great mentors for future leadership roles”.

This Training Program for Young Leaders of Pakistan is initiated by the Government of Japan under technical cooperation scheme for Pakistan.

The course has been designed essentially for young vocational teachers and administrative staff in vocational education system of the provincial and Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) of Pakistan. It is expected to enhance and polish the capabilities of the participants in the field of vocational training through the Japanese experience, which is already established in education sector.

In addition to the training, the program will also ensure the promotion of mutual understanding and friendship among people of Pakistan and Japan. The participants will get an opportunity to experience Japanese life style and culture through home stay with Japanese families and by exchanging knowledge and information of their respective countries.

The Training Program for Young Leaders was started by JICA in 1991 and till date a total number of 464 government officials of various ministries and departments of the Government of Pakistan have been sent to Japan for training in various fields of technical and management positions.
  (The End)


Press  Release


12 January 2012
Afghan Opium Prices Soar as Production Rises
VIENNA, 12 January (United Nations Information Service) – The full Afghan Opium Survey for 2011 points to a dramatic 133 per cent increase in the farm-gate value of opium compared with 2010 (the summary findings of the survey were issued in September 2011).  Released today by the Ministry of Counter Narcotics of Afghanistan and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the survey reveals that the farm-gate income of opium probably amounted to over US$ 1.4 billion, equivalent to nine per cent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Afghanistan in 2011.
Even more striking is the potential income derived from opium production.  Export earnings from Afghan opiates may be worth US$2.4 billion - equivalent to 15 per cent of GDP.  Such vast sums cannot easily be earned in other ways. "Opium is therefore a significant part of the Afghan economy and provides considerable funding to the insurgency and fuels corruption," said Yury Fedotov, Executive Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).
Almost 60 per cent of farmers surveyed in 2011 said they were primarily motivated by the high prices fetched by opium poppy cultivation, which will continue to remain attractive if it reaps bumper profits, according to the survey. Compounding the problem was a simultaneous drop in the price of wheat. In 2011, the gross income from opium was 11 times higher than that earned from wheat, the biggest difference in income since 2003.  
In 2010 plant diseases wiped out much of the opium yield and the resulting scarcity of fresh opium triggered a speculative rise in prices.  While higher prices had been expected in 2011 after opium yields returned to pre-blight levels, the 2011 values far exceeded expectations. The gross per-hectare income from opium cultivation (US$ 10,700) therefore also reached levels not observed since 2003.
Around 90 per cent of the world's opium comes from Afghanistan. The survey showed that poppy-crop cultivation spread over 131,000 hectares in 2011, seven per cent higher than in 2010.  The amount of opium produced increased by 61 per cent, from 3,600 tons in 2010 to 5,800 tons in 2011.
 "The Afghan Opium Survey 2011 sends a strong message that we cannot afford to be lethargic in the face of this problem. We thank the Government of Afghanistan for the leadership and dedication already shown, but a stronger commitment from a broad range of national and international partners is needed to turn this worrying trend around," said Mr. Fedotov, referring to rising production.
UNODC recently launched an ambitious regional programme for Afghanistan and neighbouring countries, which focuses on counter-narcotics, as well as a new country programme to support alternative livelihoods for opium poppy farmers. In addition, the UNODC-brokered Paris Pact, an initiative involving more than 50 States, provides a platform to promote coordinated measures to counter drug-trafficking from Afghanistan.  Next month in Vienna, the Paris Pact Governments will meet at a Ministerial level to consider the next steps. "With the transition of responsibilities towards 2014 in mind, our message is clear. Counter-narcotics is not the exclusive domain of specialized units alone, but the shared responsibility of everybody concerned with security, stability, governance and development in Afghanistan and the wider region," said Mr. Fedotov.
* *** *
For further information, please contact:
In Vienna:
Preeta Bannerjee
Public Information Officer, UNODC
Telephone: (+43 1) 26060-5764
Mobile: (+43-699) 1459-5764
Email: preeta.bannerjee[at]

A Social Sector Organization Sudhaar urgently requires the services of an experienced and dynamic professional for the following position:

20,000 PKR plus Rs. 300/day for delivering First Aid Training in the communed)

Job Summary:
1. Develop monitoring and evaluation mechanism and hierarchy for Organization Operations in Pakistan
2. Develop monitoring and evaluation tools (checklists, questionnaires and monitoring sheets etc.) for Organization's projects in accordance with the relevant departments.
3. Train and develop the capacity of the Organization's monitoring and evaluation staff and develop field monitoring plans.
4. Ensuring regular/periodic project-wise monitoring according to set SOPs and monitoring manual / tools of Organization.
5. Ensure daily and weekly monitoring reports submission from field offices to the provincial and country office.
6. Develop weekly monitoring analysis report which clearly highlights projects progress & gaps and share with the relevant desks
7. Conduct quarterly /end of project MEL and SWOT analysis and adopt the findings as improvement tools.
8. Assist in developing TORs of the monitoring staff in the field, effectively supervise for quality assurance of the monitoring process and be a part of the monitoring staff appraisal committee
9. Prepare tools for dispute and conflict resolution arising from the monitoring
10. Conduct periodic /pre-project assessment and research for situation analysis, rapid assessment and impact assessment
11. Supervise the monitoring officers/assistants at Field Offices in the execution of M&E activities
12. Any other task assigned by the supervisor

Job Requirement:
• Masters Degree from HEC recognized University.
• 3-5 Years relevant experience in INGO.
• Excellent Communication, interpersonal and report writing skills are desired.
• Proficiency in MS office and internet browsing.

The Candidates who meet the criteria may send their CVs at:

Job title must be mentioned in the subject Line of email. Deadline for submission of application is 25 January, 2012. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interview. We are equal opportunity employer. Female candidates are encouraged to apply.


Attention: Respected Sports Editor/Reporter






Karachi: Aga Khan University (AKU) Sports and Rehabilitation Centre is organizing its 10th AKU Inter School/Collegiate Basketball (for boys under-19) Tournament commencing from Friday, January 27, 2012 at the AKU Sports and Rehabilitation Centre Gymnasium.

Interested Schools/Colleges are requested to contact Riaz Akbar Contractor, Chief Organizer and Manger, AKU Sports Centre at Ph: 3486 1665, 3486 1660.Fax: 3493 4294, 3493 2095. Email: latest by Monday, January 23, 2012 for registration.

Chairman, Organizing Committee


Press Release
A representative Jirga of Uthman Khel Qaumi Movement (UQM) was held at village Chail, District Charsaddah. Many tribesmen joined UQM as the sole representative of their centuries-neglected tribe. Gulistan, a local notable asked the thousands of Uthmankhel tribe in district Charsaddah to unite for the separate identity and joint struggle against the usurpers  who have kept the poor masses of Uthmankhel, Momand, Bajuri, Chitrali, Malaizi and Swati in utter poverty, illiteracy, and mile away from political power and decision-making processes. UQM district chief Kamran Ibrahim criticized the social stratification and elites-dominated power-struggle in the country. Malak Saz Muhammad of Prang Ghar communicated the unanimous support of all Uthmankhels of Momand Agency to UQM. Zahir Shah lala of Charsaddah advised the Uthmankhels to understand the challenges of the 21st century and try to utilize all kinds of available communications for propagation of the UQM message and agenda. President UQM Haji Shah Wali asked the Mazdoor Kissan Party to join hands with UQM as most of them are poor people from subjugated tribes and the aim and objectives of Mazdoor Kissan and UQM are almost identical. Patron-in-Chief of Uthmankhel tribe, Fasihuddin, asked his tribe to concentrate on education and skills. He explained the international conspiracies against Pakistan's Army, its security institutions and Pakistan's nuclear power, and said that it is not only the duty of Army but also everyone's obligation to fight for the national security and Pakistan's strategic assets at all forums and at all cost. The gathering was attended by Jamil Shah, Umar Khan Advocate, Amir Ghazan, Haji Hakeem Khan, Counselor Umar Khan, Counselor Nisar Khan, Mir Akbar Kaka and Rtd. DSP Said Wahab. 

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Date: 16 January 2012 12:27
Subject: Press Release: UQM Latest function at Charsaddah

Dear brother,
Please find the Press Release of UQM Latest function at Charsadda. Thanks

with best regards.
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