Zalmay Khalilzad Speaks

Posted on 09. Jul, 2011 by Ghayur Ayub.

Khalilzad_ZalmayBy Dr Ghayur Ayub:
If it was up to Zalmay Khalilzad, he would rather see: Pakistan disintegrated; Afghan Pakhtuns humiliated; and Islam isolated. In this way, he wishes to see a strong and American-friendly India building on the ashes of Pakistan. But his wishes will not be fulfilled because he ignored four important aspects in his article, namely…

Iran is singled out for its defiance of Washington

Posted on 09. Jul, 2011 by Kourosh Ziabari.


By Kourosh Ziabari:
. Obama talked a lot different than Bush, but rhetoric aside, his actual policy towards Iran is exactly the same as his predecessor's. Obama's main opponent, John McCain, was certainly even more radical in his position on Iran.

NATO's War Against Libya's Civilians

Posted on 09. Jul, 2011 by Franklin Lamb.

NATO-War Crime Libya Rape

By Dr Franklin Lamb:
Miscarriages in Libya are up dramatically according to the Prelate of the Catholic Church in Libya, Giovanni Innocenzo Martinelli, one of the most popular religious leaders in this 99.5% Sunni Muslim country, who informed visitors that in one day at the Green Hospital in Tripoli, following NATO bombing runs in mid March, 2011, there were 50 miscarriages and forty deaths.

Kiss Of 'Democratic' Death Part I

Posted on 09. Jul, 2011 by Jonathan Azaziah.


By Jonathan Azaziah:
Al-Jumhuriyyah al-Arabiyyah as-Suriyyah, the Syrian Arab Republic, or simply, Syria, is being systematically assaulted by the world's arrogant powers. No, Syria isn't being bombarded with bombs and missiles from helicopter gunships or F-16s (at least… not yet). It is being bombarded by something else; something more sinister, more cunning and deadlier. It is being bombarded by an entity that is almost full of life in its undying intransigence: Zionist-designed, Zionist-enforced 'democracy.'

Imbedded crises

Posted on 08. Jul, 2011 by Jeff.


By Jeff Gates:
While the world's strongest economy was induced with false intelligence to wage serial wars and incur massive debt, the nation with the world's cheapest labor emerged to attract America's purchasing power and reinvest in its own ascendancy.

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On Flotillas and the Law

Posted on 08. Jul, 2011 by Lawrence Davidson.


By Prof Lawrence DAvidson:
Most of us are unaware of the potential of organized civil society because we have resigned the public sphere to professional politicians and bureaucrats and retreated into a private sphere of everyday life which we see as separate from politics. This is a serious mistake. Politics shapes our lives whether we pay attention to it or not. By ignoring it we allow the power of the state to respond not so much to the citizenry as to special interests.

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US Failure In Afghanistan

Posted on 08. Jul, 2011 by Asif H Raja.

US Casualties in Afghanistan

By Brig Asif Haroon Raja:
Criticism is a healthy exercise since it gives the institution being criticized opportunity to examine its grey areas, and rectify them. However, orchestrated propaganda to spoil civil-military relations and that too at the behest of outsiders is an unpardonable offence and must be condemned.

Raja G Mujtaba
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It is with heart full of love and compassion that I write you this letter and I hope you will take your time to read this carefully and get back to me without any delay in acceptance and endeavor to help me fulfill my noble aim in pursuit ibadah.

First and foremost, let me start by introducing myself to you.

My name is Dr. Ahmed Mohamed, I am originally from Saudi Arabia and live here in England. I am a 60 years old man and have 3 children who are grown up and live with their own families.

My wife is late and at the moment I am battling with lung cancer which gives me no hope of survival following the recent medical reports. I am also suffering from atherosclerosis (a disease in which plaque builds up on the inside of the arteries) and I need a plastic surgery for that.

I have also lost my hearing which makes it hard to talk on the phone. I was a real estate developer and Alhamdulillah, a successful one.

Regardless of all the wickedness, crimes and atrocities people are committing in the world today, I am trusting you, believing you will carry out my wish with fear of Allah, sincerity and all humility.

My children are not aware of what I am about to do, and if they get knowledge of it, they will go against it but I am doing this because Allah has placed it upon my heart to do it for the benefit of mankind and promotion of the good work of Islam.
I was just making some searches on the internet, came across your contact and decided to write my true heart intentions to you.

If you will not be able to carry out my wish, I shall search for another person, but if you give consent to this and assurance that my wish will be carried out by you, I will proceed with you.

I have been touched by the war crimes caused against my fellow Muslims in Palestine by the Israelis, and I want to make a sincere donation for the people of Palestine.
I was awarded contract three years ago and after the completion of the contract the Ministry of Works and Housing withheld part of my payment which was approved recently.

I want this money to be paid to you and you will either go to Palestine and donate it to them or you look for any Muslim Organisation in your Country where you may donate the money for the Palestine cause. You shall be paid for the time and assistance you put into this. Which i suggest 30% of the total sum.

Palestine has Embassy here in England but I don't trust most of the people working there and as such would not want to make the donation to them through here.

If you can do this for me, I will make arrangement immediately and send my Chauffeur (Lawyer) to arrange with the Ministry for the payment, and he will be coming to your country to pass the money to you in form of Certified International Bank transfer.

The people of Palestine need urgent help and for this I would not want to delay with this donation.

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar!


Dr. Ahmed Mohd